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    I think seat belts make sense just like refraining from eating fast food does, how long before we see legislation aimed at cholesterol levels? My buddy in high school rolled his Mustang, during the event he was thrown to the passenger floor board. The car roof folded down taking the top of the driver's seat out, had he been wearing a seat belt I would have been attending a funeral. We can do a lot at Glamis, as we should be able to do on public land or with anything else we pay for. Personally I feel naked in an offroad vehicle when not using seat belts, on highway I never use them, I hook them together behind my back. I detest laws that enable bottom feeders to delay their eventual fate giving them time to reproduce. I think car surfing on freeways should not only be allowed but encouraged and broken glass eating competitions should be held daily.
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    Tune my Banshee at 3am
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    Seat belts are required to be worn in a ROV. Recreational offroad vehicle.
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    They're inconvenient, unsightly and added weight for those of us that like to go fast. In recent years studies have shown a correlation between the use of seat belts and a person's propensity to accept an assault to the third input.

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