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  1. Richard H

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    It is a good idea. Required, I would think law enforcement would view it as it is, since state has a seat belt law and they would link it.
  2.  Hey are you going to be able to make it June 23 and 24th summer ride 

  3. Richard H

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    Spend 10 extra minutes each trip and pickup litter.
  4. Richard H

    Slappys Riddle Me This

    The wind. (Mother Nature)
  5. No it is not. I asked a LEO
  6. Easy! Just follow the rules. If people keep trying to invent ways around them we may soon find ourselves with no dunes to play in. As members of Glamis Dunes.com maybe we should be the one setting the example of how to function and abide by the laws in Glamis and other ohv areas as well. Just an idea.
  7. Sounds more like you need bio engineers, environmentalist and chemist to assist you to get the law/rules changed.
  8. Rule 43 CFR 83652-3 (c) unattended vehicles left over 24 hrs in day use, or 72 hrs in other areas are in violation.
  9. Rules of the game! I'm glad he and others are out there to enforce the rules. What if during the World series one of the players from the Astros cut a base, didn't tag the bag, even with replay confirmation and the umps decided to just let it slide. People would be going crazy and calling for the umps head. The series win would then be invalid and respect for the game, it's players and officials completely lost. As for this officers attitude, I'm sure it could improve, maybe even his fellow employees see it and have to work with him anyways. They probable don't enjoy the fact that because of him,it makes them all look like the bad guys just trying to their job. They are not ALL bad. One employee with a negative attitude can really cause an entire work force to change for the worst. On the other side, one employee with a positive outlook can have a huge impact on fellow workers. Respectfully contact and file complaint with his supervisors and hope for improvement, without that they will never know they have an issue to tend with.
  10. Richard H

    A Slappy Thought

    Choose happy. It is yours to make! When outside forces try to influence, choose happy.

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