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  1. megadesertdiesel

    Grey Water Dumping?

    hmmmm, sounds interesting
  2. megadesertdiesel

    Grey Water Dumping?

    i have heard of people dumping grey water at night and covering up the tracks in the morning with dry sand. But i would NEVER do such a thing.
  3. megadesertdiesel

    New Vendor For Glamis Pass Causing An Issue

    I am taking the "stick it on the window like they want and if they cannot eread it, it aint my problem" approach. I took a picture and will carry the reciept in the glovebox to prove it. They created the dumb rules and chitty pass so they can read it.
  4. looks like a GM size recall is in order.
  5. megadesertdiesel

    New Isdra Map With The Open Hills

    Isnt Gordons a fisherman, not sure i would like to ride him.
  6. megadesertdiesel

    No Supervision Tickets

    Do they hold the classes over thanksgiving holiday? Sounds like we need to.do the course.
  7. megadesertdiesel

    Isdra Fee Increase?

    I say get rid of the dumpsters. Pack it in and pack it out or face a huge fine for leaving trash!
  8. megadesertdiesel

    Fuel Cans?

    i beleive tickets for fuel cans is a wives tale. no proof of a ticket has been seen on the net.
  9. megadesertdiesel

    Any Road Restrictions On Hwy 78 Or Ogilby Rd?

    i guess i will find out today. leaving this morning.
  10. planning on heading from Phx to G. any one know of road restrictions at all, slow downs anything to lookout for. washed out roads.

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