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  1. South Bay

    The Smells of Summer

    TFW the ocean breeze brings the smell of the ocean with a hint of Coppertone to the air . . .
  2. South Bay

    Hey Stickman

    So good Sampler . . .
  3. South Bay

    What happened to...

    Looks like it's still there. I just clicked on yore name and was easily able to find your posts and threads . . .
  4. South Bay

    Blm Police State.

    Oh shit, the noob is back . . .
  5. South Bay

    New Vendor For Glamis Pass Causing An Issue

    ^ ^ ^. This. How effing hard is it to understand ? ? ?
  6. South Bay

    New Vendor For Glamis Pass Causing An Issue

    that's the right way of thinking right there Except that season passes probably don't sell to much in Jan or Feb, Hell they probably don't sell after Thanksgiving and whatever season passes you have not sold at $150.00 sit in your drawer until they let you return them for credit. Now the weekly passes you would sell all year but after you sell out that first bunch how quick does the vendor get you the next batch? And how fast do you want to shell out cash again to make less than the credit card company is going to charge you for buying the things. I have gone out for Columbus day for the last 5 years and have never seen a Ranger once in my camp in all those years, Until this weekend and we got Mr 4'6" Red head with a chip on his shoulder the size of the Rock of Gibraltar. Even with the online receipt of the purchase of a yearly pass, even though it had been left on the kitchen counter he wasn't going to allow one of us to slide. That person was given the option go buy a pass or go home. We gave serious thought to just parking said tow vehicle at GDS for the rest of the weekend but didn't want to provoke the wrath of Barney Fyffe and his Bud nipping attitude in finding something else. You didn't have a Pass with you, so you Broke the Law Letter vs. spirit of the law. Whole group has passes except one who forgot it at home. Showed a receipt for said pass left at home and Mr. 4'6" Red Head with a chip on his shoulder cant let it slide? Bit of a Dick Move IMHO . . .
  7. South Bay

    Blm To Possibally Eliminate Annual Permits!

    first i've heard of this *sighs*
  8. South Bay

    No Supervision Tickets

    Can you do the supervising cert gig online? ? I think my brother did it a few years back . . .

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