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  1. Just wait.... I'm sure some dickweed will chime in how it's somehow your fault. How they have a hard job and they can't give an inch... just incase you and your crew are planning a teriost attack.
  2. Just an update.. HB 622 is still alive and moving through the channels.
  3. Wow there's more BLM in that picture then people. It may be a misleading photo I guess, but that stuff right there is what starts push back from the public. That in my opinion is ridiculous. I count close to 30 trucks in that picture. Looks a bit like the Bundy stand off or Standing Rock to me. I would love to here you librials on this site explain why that right there is nessary. It has been brought up in this thread, anyone have any real case info on even one officer actually being assaulted since 2001 in Glamis? I can find several actual documented cases where people have been assaulted and filed complaints and lawsuits against BLM but have yet to come across one that has been the other way. I have been visiting glamis since I was a child in the 80s and besides a few years in the 90s it has always been in my opinion self regulating and an enjoyable experience for all. It was brought up in another thread that no one minds their presence when someone is hurt. Well my friends, that is a totally different set of BLM personal that are stationed there and have a different job. I have first hand witnessed the BLM law enforcement (NOT EMT) enter a crash site and demand everyone back up including trained offduty medical personal already helping victims when BLM rescue is not on site yet. To the point of shoving said helpers out of the area.
  4. Is there any follow up on this story? That is incredibly sad.
  5. First off, very well worded and I appreciate your time and willingness to help thank you I do have his name, the date, exact time and even have the GPS coordinates of the stop. Man do I wish I would have hit record on my phone, unfortantly I did not record the stop. That will never happen again out there. If or when I am stopped again out there I will be recording as soon as the lights go on. I do have have my wife as a witness as well as my two 10 year olds (if they can give a statement) I have started at the bottom and will climb the ladder until I get the response I see fit. I will keep everyone posted with every action and every reaction. So far the local BLM phone number seems to be an unmanned line with no answer and no message of any sort.
  6. I am willing to take the time to do this. My question is would something as small has him whacking the truck and making my child cry be enough to make it worth my time? He did not physically assault myself or anyone else during the stop. Is this something they would even take the time to investigate? I absolutely had paid the registration. It was paid and at the time it showed pending (not unregistered) when he ran it. He even can back and told me that almost puzzled (like I hadn't already told him that's what is was going to say). When you get the letter for smog, the letter states that's what will happen if stoped by a Leo. But the tags were not current because the smog was not done. Maybe I could have fought it, but it wasn't worth the time or the effort. I knew going out there that if I unhooked from the 5er that I was most likely getting stopped. Up until this point I figured fine stop me, worse thing that happens is I get a ticket. I have nothing to hide so I normally do not mind getting pulled over.
  7. Thank you. This may be an avenue to explore. One that actually matters as these are the types of people that want us to bring money to their area. I did get a response on Facebook. They gave me the number to the local BLM office which I have called several times with no answer. They also asked me to please pm them the complaint. So I'm hoping that may at least lead to a set of listing ears. I cant in good conscience fight a ticket for something I am guilty of. I did as I said I would and I took care of it, it has been paid and the case closed. I deserved a ticket, the tags were expired. I don't dispute that in any fashion. The thing is guys by the time LEO and I started talking everyone in the truck was upset and I just wanted to get the ticket and leave. I didn't feel it just for my kids to sit there for however long until I got to make my point. Honestly I feel like no matter who I spoke to out there.... my complaint would have fallen on deaf ears. Those may or may not have been everyone's choices but they were mine and I do not regret it. I will to talk to someone and make my contact one that is not forgotten. There have been so many stories of even off duty LEOs being harassed. Stories from being pepper balled on a hill sweep to outright screaming matches to BLM making up rules as they go along that are clearly not code. We all spend a good amount of money to be there each and every time we go and I just think it's time we all follow through when these incidents happen. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. And these wheels need grease bad.
  8. This number just rings. No voice mail or anything.
  9. My last post on this. So when you go out to eat and the food is wrong, you just eat it, pay and don't say a word? Because I don't. I am paying for that service and expect that the server is polite and the food is what I'm paying for. No matter how hard their job, law enforcement is a service. A service we all pay for. So of corse when I get bad service I'm going to let it be known. If no one complains, there are no problems to be addressed. No matter how large or seemingly small those problems are. I have been pulled over a few times over the last several years out on rice road, in the dark, in the middle of the desert, by an officer that does not have any immediate back up. Not one time have any those officers hit any of my vehicles or even asked me to roll the rear windows down. They are understandably apprehensive on the approach, hand on weapon, but never abusive or confrontational. I have driven away each and every time admittaly speeding with not a single ticket. For those that don't know rice road is a stretch of road through the desert with nothing (no houses, no gas, no cell coverage) for close to 100 miles. One CHP officer on duty for that stretch of road. Let's get one thing straight. I am not a criminal and do not behave like one. I own a successful construction company (that I built) and conduct myself always with respect and a no bullshit attitude. If I didn't know how to interact with people including city and government officials I wouldn't be where I am today. The fact that I do not take s*** and will respectfully stand up for what is right has helped and never hindered in all aspects of my life. If I had felt this gentleman did something very wrong I would have gone straight to my attorney and we wouldn't be having this conversation. What I feel is that his behavior was out of line and therefor I will speak to his boss. Just as I would hope anyone would do for my employees.
  10. It was a custom ordered lariat. (I do not like the platinum or the king ranch) Yes the rear is tinted.... factory tint that you can see through during the day and with a simple flash light at night, let alone all of the LEDs on his car lighting the entire truck up. Yes it is a 2015 and this was I suppose the second go round for registration. It now has two stickers on the plate. At any rate just so everyone knows, there was not one word said before he hit the window. Had he just said "driver please open the rear windows" I would have gladly done it. I did open it after he hit it but rolled it back up as I did not feel it nessary for him to stand next to MY 3 YEAR OLD and shout. So of corse by the time he finally can to the window I was irritated. To be clear he did not say anything about my rolling the windo back up when we talked. So I handed him the registration, insurance, and my license and said "I know the tags are expired but if you run it, it is registered". To which he responded "yeah I know". At that point I said "if you wanna just write me a ticket I will take care of it and be on my way". I don't need to say anything else or be all nice. You do your job, I'll do mine. Yes you gentlemen are correct, respect is a two way street. With traffic going both directions. Everyone sees things different, I just don't think BLM needs to act in this manor. They are there to protect and serve not harass and abuse. Writing me a ticket is his job, no problem with that. I don't want and don't look to be "let off" when I'm pulled over. If I did it I will sign the ticket and be on my way, if I didn't I will politely disagree and let my attorney handle it in court if need be. I spoke to two of my Leo friends this evening who both say he was out of line. One is swat in oc so I would think he would know how to react to any given situation and trust that he would be honest if he felt I was out of line Hope everyone has a good night. I will do what I feel is appropriate and will sleep well knowing that we live in an amazing country with a checks and balances system that we should all use.
  11. Also thank you for all the suggestions. I will follow up on them all when I'm in the office tomorrow.
  12. Wow, maybe you should re-read my original post.. the registration was paid. I hadn't received the tags yet because of needing to smog a 1 year old truck that I bought new right here in ca. Maybe I'm new to life as a bad ass criminal but I had absolutely no reason to roll all 4 of my windows down. My truck doesn't even have aftermarket tint on it and none of my kids (who are all under 10) were packing heat that night What code says I must roll every window in the truck down for a traffic stop? Your comment about me putting my family in a position is laughable. My problem isn't the ticket, have zero complaints about that, even told him to go ahead and write me one and that I would take care of it. Which he did and I have. My problem is him hitting my truck at all but especially with my 3 year old IN A CAR SEAT HE COULD SEE THROUGH THE WINDOW and then proceeding to yell knowing there is a child right there. You may be ok with BLM acting like we live in North Korea, I will not tolarate anything byond respectfully enforcing legimite laws.
  13. I am on Facebook but don't know how to post so he sees it. I absolutely will be following through. We all pay money to be out there and when doing nothing wrong should not put up with this. I have put up with this behavior several times over the years and will not be doing it any longer.
  14. Driving out gecko on Friday night over Halloween with my wife and 3 little boys in the truck. The tags on my 2015 super duty are expired waiting on smog. (Paid, just needed smog. Shows pending when ran) No problem, I already know why their pulling me over and I accept that. So I pull off to the right roll the two front windows down and wait for the officer to walk to the window. The officer approaches on the passenger side, stops just shy of the cab and hits the rear passenger window with his flash light hard enough that I thought for a second he broke it and my 3 year old who is in his car seat right there starts screaming and crying. Officer then screamed at me to open that window. I do and he proceeds to yell through the window (my little one full on scared as hell at this point). So what do I do? I roll the window back up and scream at him if he wants to talk to me to come to the front fu..ing window. He comes to the windo and some words are exchanged reguarding his hitting my 70k veichle where my baby is sitting for absolutely no reason Long story short I tell him to give me a ticket for the registration and I will be filing a complaint. Here is the problem. I have sent several unreturned emails to the BLM and searched to find out just exactly how to file that complaint with no answers can someone please tell me how to file a complaint? This will never end if we don't all stop accepting this behavior.

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