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  1. spize909

    Slappys Riddle Me This

    My Suzuki.....your Honda. Pick the hill. But let me get it running first.
  2. spize909

    Slappys Riddle Me This

    Yup...deep down he must be a Suzuki guy.
  3. spize909

    Slappys Riddle Me This

    Got my swag bag today. Thanks!
  4. spize909

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    We have one of those Can Am's (800?) in our group.......though it seldom makes it out anymore. Not a bad duner either.
  5. spize909

    What are yore fees for? Do you know?

    I thought it was for the chitters............
  6. I think if I had it on my center HID it would kinda tint all the light.....at least out in front of me.
  7. I've experienced this everytime we've been out this year. I stuck the amber covers on my cheap leds on my a-pillars on the last trip but we never did end up doing any real night rides. The light bar on top just plain sucks most of the time. My 3 HID's up front do a pretty fair job. I did leave those amber lights on most of the time during the day as well. I can remember being 15 years old and riding a ATC 110 to comp at night (through the dunes) with that little stock light and never thinking I couldn't see well enough! Young and dumb? Maybe.
  8. Here's a link to that Z. The owner built it right and took care of it. It has the selling price in aftermarket parts alone. That could screw your budget though but it's a 450 eater and set up nice. Not sure what his bottom dollar would be.


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    2. HozayKwarvo


      right on! I've got my 05 trx450r (490) that I still ride but looking for the wife and my 14&15 yr old boys. We got out of the desert about 10 years ago and now looking to get back in. I appreciate the heads up and will keep this one in mind.

    3. spize909


      I'll keep my eyes open for any local deals.


    4. HozayKwarvo


      Much appreciated! One of those clean 400s with nerf bars, a pipe, and paddles all ready roll would be perfect!

  9. Great post but I think the bottom line is that most "duners" disagree with dumping a grey tank where we camp. Lawful or not. Same goes for dog shit for that matter. So the idea is to fight it so we can all have the legal ability to dump our grey tanks?
  10. so when myself or one of my kids is riding/driving out of our camp that is next to your camp and run over your fresh pile of steaming dog shit (kinda a funny story about that once but I won't go into it) ...........you think "no problem". OK. I bury my dogs shit. I guess we just see it differently.
  11. you just throw your dog's shit "outside of your camp"? Really?

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