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  1. ? Trying to list a buggy in classified section 

    telling me I have to use link emailed to me tried several times

    system does not email me thank you

  2. BeachHead

    Slappys Riddle Me This

    Why would the Slapster settle for second best?
  3. BeachHead

    California needs more money, OHV penalties

    Claim your an illegal and request sanctuary from the oppressive government of your home country?
  4. BeachHead

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    But that's only off road. The law still requires helmets on motorcycles operating on the street. Maybe it's a not so hidden hope that we undesirable types who ride off road will kill ourselves?
  5. BeachHead

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    Brian, a technicality maybe...but you cannot legally shoot in the entire ISDRA. Not even in the blood sacrifice to the phony eco-religion known as the closures.
  6. BeachHead

    Slappys Riddle Me This

    Good one Slap, and congrats spize! I would have never guessed that in a million years.
  7. BeachHead

    Hey Stickman

    To say I'm jealous would be an understatement! Nothing better than fresh ripples in the middle of the week. Makes you feel like a king, having fun while the rest of the world is at work, slogging away in the salt mines, while you're rippin' a bowl, and singing a tune (stole that from some guy, can't remember his name though!)
  8. BeachHead

    Merry Christmas

    Super awesome Slap! I hope everyone had a wonderful and merry Christmas, and that the new year will bring many, many miles of dunes and smiles...:)
  9. BeachHead

    Damn, 10 years...

    LOL, time flies when you're having fun...:)
  10. BeachHead

    A Slappy Thought

    i guess sometimes you need to slow down to go faster.
  11. BeachHead

    Leo's Pealing Passes

    It's just another consequence of global warming. If you'll just send $5,000 to the high priest of the ignorant eco-religion, al bore, you will be absolved of all sin against mother earth, and your stickers will once again stay stuck.
  12. BeachHead

    Stake Removal Update

    We'll be there....no buggy, but that's what rzr's are for right...
  13. BeachHead

    Judge Illston Rules On New Ramp

    A recovery plan is actually part of the process needed to get something off of the threatened/endangered species list (which we all know the PMV does not belong on either)..in general, it's a plan to insure the species will continue to prosper once it's "demise" has been reversed. In a lot of ways, (my personal opinion anyway) this is really a help for us. Very often it's used as another "slowing" tactic in the war to impose the fake eco-religion on American citizens, since you can't remove something without the plan, and there's no real incentive for the eco-terrorists to create any sort of plan until they are good and ready. NOW, the judge has required the high priests to do just that, with a deadline they don't get to ignore. My belief is that will work in our favor to help get the PMV de-listed, since it was listed by pure lies in the first place.
  14. BeachHead

    Cbd Says Its Nothing To Do With Science

    I never thought they would be so honest in a such a public way. I guess it's another example of how "power" is so corrupting. They've had almost absolute power for so long, they don't think there is any way for them to be stopped.
  15. BeachHead

    Blm Harresment

    Which the ASA supports 100%, correct? I believe the ASA supports a safe environment for all, and is doing what it can to look into the reports of overly heavy handed law enforcement (my words) in the dunes. I know I do not support gestapo tactics by any sort of government agency, and I personally believe the role of a leo is best served in what I call the "barney fife" model: two bulets in your pocket, and a friendly, help the citizen first attitude. Sadly, that model has almost universally been discarded for the "storm trooper" model which only causes hatred, division, and creation of a special class of citizen. You are generously supporting the ASA financially so that if a civil rights lawsuit were in order, there would be plenty of funds to pay for it, right?

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