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    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    There's been a lot of discussion, meetings, posts, and talk on both sides of rules and regulations and what we can't do at the ISDRA. Even in recent years we've had ordinances and other statutes come down and "take away" what some would have considered rights or privileges (pallets, tires, bottles, magnesium, comp at night, etc.). We could certainly compile a list of the things that we CAN'T do (especially since there isn't a good comprehensive list in one single place), that said, there are a lot of things that we CAN do at the ISDRA (legally), many of which we can't do at any other federally managed public OHV area. I'd like to compile a list of the things that we CAN do at the ISDRA... help me out, would ya? Especially those that have frequented other OHV areas
  2. HozayKwarvo


    Sandy Cheeks
  3. All three of these options are legitimate under specific conditions, only one is correct for the ISDRA. What do you believe to be the justifiable rationale behind the ISDRA permit fee/pass?
  4. HozayKwarvo

    What are yore fees for? Do you know?

    Exactly! Heya Doc I totally understand the pay to play and that no matter how it is executed there will be a fee. That battle is long over Let that sink in folks. A Special Recreation Permit fee that is executed (poorly and incorrectly) like an entrance fee It's too hard to manage what it is so they treat it like and entrance fee which they can't legally charge you. Understandably, any type of individual license/permit, OHV sticker, etc would be a lot more difficult to manage ...but that's what it is, an SRP for OHV use.
  5. HozayKwarvo

    What are yore fees for? Do you know?

    Seems logical to me! We'll get a more votes in and see what everyone else thinks
  6. HozayKwarvo

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    You can ride all day and all night. Some areas are shut down from ~dusk to ~dawn... NIGHTRIDE!
  7. HozayKwarvo

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    You can drop anchor anywhere you want (10ft? from the road), the camping spaces aren't designated and I don't have to have a reservation to show up!
  8. HozayKwarvo

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    You can't shoot in an OHV designated area ...just about any other BLM land you can though. To be honest, I'm not willing to sacrifice an inch of riding area for shooting when we have so many places to shoot in the SW region already.
  9. HozayKwarvo

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    For starters... it isn't trail riding. I grew up near trails and you had to stick to them, going off trail was equivalent to riding in the closures at G... and would possibly close the entire trail system. You can ride anywhere and everywhere that is open, pick your own line and hope your talent carries you to the next dune. That type of freedom isn't found everywhere! Also speed limits... with the common sense exceptions of near camp and others you can go as fast as your talent will take you. Some OHV areas are faaaar more restrictive
  10. HozayKwarvo

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    There is that ...but I was shooting for something else
  11. HozayKwarvo

    What are yore fees for? Do you know?

    They do spend budget on both the repaving and the chitters but neither are what actually gives them the authority to charge us a fee to begin with As crazy as the federal government is, they won't allow themselves to charge us a fee to a recreation area without specific requirements being met first.
  12. HozayKwarvo

    Slappys Riddle Me This

    Sounds like the lyrics of a new song
  13. HozayKwarvo

    44k and counting

    Slappy, I hope you don't mind me throwing this up in yore hood but I noticed something extraordinary here on the GD.com ...it just rolled over 44,000 users. In todays age of tech and connectivity that may not seem like a lot... I'm pretty sure the weatherman on channel 5 news may have more twitter followers than that... but that's besides the point. My point was that 44,000 is actually a huge number. People come here in search of information, camaraderie, and an occasional debate about something they may be passionate about. 44,000 people have registered here on the board and you, my friend, are the reason. Your spirit and love for the dunes is contagious and it attracts people to this site. A wise man once told Kevin Costner "if you build it they will come". You've built it and they've came, more than 44,000 of them. What's really cool is that once you engage your fellow duners here and join the family that, no matter what, you are still part of the family. I myself took a lengthy hiatus and only recently returned, only to find that the same camaraderie and love for the dunes carries on. Coming here, it's like slipping on your favorite PJs and settling into your favorite spot on the couch to enjoy an Ice Cold Delicious Beverage. Congratulations on the first 44,000 and here's to the next 44,000 Thanks for keeping a light on here and thanks for keeping your spirit and the love of the dunes alive with so many.
  14. HozayKwarvo

    Merry Christmas

    Woohoo! Thanks Slappy and Merry Christmas!
  15. HozayKwarvo

    What Do You Want To See Changed?

    Fees? - don't like them at all, don't like how they are managed, don't like how they are collected, etc. Potential fee increase? - We already pay enough for the "services" we receive/ Lack of law enforcement? - neighbors playing their music all night, dumping their holding tanks, trench digging clowns at the hill, the drags are out of control, etc? Too much law enforcement? - Shutting the hills down, cramping my style, my whip just broke off 10 secs ago and this guy is hassling me, etc Access/Opening the closures? - Road/pad maintenance? What else? What are YOUR issues at Glamis? What do YOU want to see changed? What are YOU doing to change it? How is that working out for YOU? Are YOU willing to try something else?
  16. HozayKwarvo

    What Do You Want To See Changed?

    I'm really surprised that what I thought were MAJOR ones have not been brought up yet. Keep'm coming folks
  17. Arny was a RINO before he got elected ...you actually think that a conservative republican could ever get elected in this bleeding heart liberal piece of shit state?
  18. HozayKwarvo

    Bad Stuff This Weekend?

    BeachHead put out the warning a few pages back. Heed it. If you have an issue with flatbillers and clothing lines... create a seperate topic here in Whine & Cheeze... there's been many, a few more won't hurt. Keep the attacks out of here though... this is the last warning.
  19. HozayKwarvo

    Bad Stuff This Weekend?

    Ok, I'm going to clean up some of the crap that was thrown through here... give me a few minutes... in the meantime, don't keep slinging it
  20. HozayKwarvo

    Season Pass Availability

    It is a total cluster... some folks are really working hard to improve the process and should be commended ...others, well
  21. HozayKwarvo

    Bad Stuff This Weekend?

    I couldn't agree more. This mentallity goes deeper than just fodder to close the dunes though... it is a pretty grim indication of the values (or lack of) that our society currently has. These "gang" fights happen all too often now and it is rare (old town Temecula) that anyone gets what they deserve. Pulling for a speedy recovery of the victim and his family and hoping that the 4 perps that did it get what is coming to them.
  22. HozayKwarvo

    Bad Stuff This Weekend?

    That's the third time you have posted the same thing. What are you suggesting? I thought Moderators were to moderate not incite. If you want to know who they are, contact the arresting agency and find out. What you do with that information will decide just how different you are from the four who were arrested. I'm suggesting that someone moderate the gene pool by giving the 4 perps a vacation
  23. HozayKwarvo

    Bad Stuff This Weekend?

    It would be a shame if their identities were ever discovered...

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