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  1. jtmoney714

    Horsepower wars 2018.

    I think it’s horsepower for sale wars now
  2. jtmoney714

    Turbo Honda dyno

    Redline Weber 882
  3. jtmoney714

    Turbo Honda dyno

    Alain it won't just raise it up. The flange is at an angle sonit will kicknthe turbo back. I really wanted to to go ball bearing but along with the added cost of the turbo there was gonna be more fabwork involved.
  4. jtmoney714

    Turbo Honda dyno

    The width of the turbo changes too. And there isn't much room to move the stuff.
  5. jtmoney714

    Turbo Honda dyno

    Gonna run a mix of 100 unleaded with 91.
  6. jtmoney714

    Turbo Honda dyno

    I can. But the turbo lengths and heights will be different and it would mean I'd have to change all the plumbing. I wish it would have been that easy.
  7. jtmoney714

    Turbo Honda dyno

    Journal bearing.
  8. jtmoney714

    Turbo Honda dyno

    I recently picked up an older scu with a turbo Honda in it. Build sheet on the motor says forged rods and Pistons with 9.5:1 compression. I drove it around the block and right off the bat I could tell the turbo was sized too big for what I like to do. Didn't spoil up til late and then it was a rocket ship. I kinda prefer the smaller turbo tractor feel. Not worried about making huge power numbers up top. Problem for me was the turbo flange was a t4 rather than a t3. So unless I wanted to get to cutting and welding I was limited in my turbo selection. So I got the smallest t4 hot side I could find and stuffed an O-trim wheel in it. Should be more duneable but hard to say until I test it. But long story short I'm headed to westech tomorrow to dyno it. Any guesses on numbers? It's through a 2d with 930s. Gonna have 8lbs on low boost and 15 on high. I'm not very familiar with hondas but I'm hoping to get some solid numbers. Main goal is to hurt the stock ls guys with cams and 500hp feelings.
  9. So you paid your reg but are waiting for smog??? In my eyes you are a hardened criminal. The copper should have pulled you and the crying kid out of the car and had him and his buddies beat you. Get your life back on track sir.
  10. Let me know...have cash in hand and ready to buy if one is available.

  11. jtmoney714

    Blm Police State.

    So when and where were you planning on airing up your tires? As soon as I got to the vendors. Is that bad? I guess I was asking for it. They've never stopped you so it had to be me. That's fine. ITa my fault for being in Glamis. Hopefully if I wad it up somewhere the same 5 cops will rush over to help me. I mean they are there for safety. Well after they do the dui checks first.
  12. jtmoney714

    Blm Police State.

    You were "harnessed" because you were going 35 MPH on the 78. Not a good idea!! Someone could have plowed into the back of you! And what's the big deal showing your license and insurance cracks me up when people have to argue this request. Just show it and move on! Maybe you're into bs 5 officer traffic stops. And maybe you're into them grabbing all your info to see if they can find something else instead. I personally am not. i had nothing to hide. I just don't like being treated like a Jew in Nazi Getmany.
  13. jtmoney714

    Blm Police State.

    I find it difficult to believe there is a vehicle code section that says driving slow in the far LEFT lane (aka fast lane) is okay even with the hazards on. Makes more sense if it said far right lane (aka slow lane). True. I meant to say right lane.
  14. jtmoney714

    Blm Police State.

    From the ACLU website https://www.aclunc.org/our-work/know-your-r...ghts-and-police Among other things on their list of DO's and DON'T's "If you are stopped in your car, DO... DO show your license, registration, and proof of insurance when asked (you have to if you’re stopped while driving)." Ya I figured that much. Just wasn't happy about a bs stop. And then have 5 cops come up to your truck with hands on their gun like its a felony stop.

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