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  1. I run 2 amber rigid 10 inch light bars on the front of my car, day and night. During the day when it gets dusty or you are trying to find another car they are a HUGE help. At night I run 1 white 1 amber, the light on top is a waste on my car and is coming off this summer with roof changes. Almost all lights can now come with an amber cover
  2. Call me about double pulley set up for electric Ps set up 520 349 2697

    1. J Alper

      J Alper

      sounds good also my cell is 702 249 7572

      Billet bracket is $90

      it can use stock pulleys or we have the Gray area pulleys at $65 each 

    2. 2011BFD


      What about the belt???

  3. I have called and email to become a vendor and sell them in Tucson, currently only 2 places sell them....and crickets. No call no email no nothing back
  4. 2011BFD

    Tragedies This Year In G So Far

    NICE always help, it may be you stuck or broke.!!!!

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