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  1. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Laws Regarding Kids In Side By Sides

    Thanks, that was my thinking too. Adding a handbar just seems like one more thing to possibly injure the kids in the event of an accident. I appreciate all the help. Looks like we'll be buying a 4 seater before season starts.
  2. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Laws Regarding Kids In Side By Sides

    Thank you for the info. That really helps. Would wrist restraints be sufficient for the rear passengers in a 4 seater or would they technically interfere with the exiting of the vehicle?
  3. Hi, are there any specific laws regarding children riding in SXS? I realize they must have a helmet but I've also come across some talk that occupants must be able to reach grab handles and put feet on floor boards. Any truth to this or anything else to be aware of? Thank you

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