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  1. Wow !!!...are really that stupid big goverment Liberal or just naive .... they are there in large numbers to justify there Jobs. I witnesse in the washes they pulled over hundreds to give tickets to a capture public Check how many BLM asshloes where at olds hill during the week when hardly anyone was there
  2. Big Mikey

    Blm Police State.

    I can't think of one reason to have Blm to have hundreds of wannabe cops writing tickets for revenue... Wakie Wakie Protect your self....video every encounter They are a menace .. a big pimp on the Butt of mostly every one in glamis It's about the money people ... that's why the extreme fines and confiscation of any one that doesn't have up to date tags on there vehicle Motor homes, bikes , buggies,Trailers it should be a ticket Not confiscation I believe we need law enforcement.. We don't need hundreds of wantabe cops collecting revenue based tickets and preying on all of us at Glamis
  3. the level of in concomitants 2nd to none!! I'm not surprised just pissed off last year they gave me $150.00 fine for not hanging my pass I for got and left it on the dash I'm sure that the money grubbing, quota driven ass clowns patrolling won't give you a ticket... it's not about the law or commonsense it's about the Raping for revenue Were the government and we are here to help you!!

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