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  1. After I bought my 2500 HD I noticed one of mine was leaking fluid, so I bought a set of 4 Pro Comp ES9000, quite happy with them, just need to add air bags on back end for towing 5th wheel.

    Bob "Doc" Savage

    1. scotty_


      Thanks sir 

  2. and correct ted kipf road switches sides as it crosses the tracks
  3. when does this become criminal ? how much $ has been taken from citizens for bogus laws ? soo sad :-(
  4. scotty_

    2017 Sandy Golf Tournament

    sounds fun
  5. i like tytles n GD.com

  6. i might re think putting the car in gear when i stop........... IMG_4647.MOV
  7. scotty_

    Taking it up the ...

    speckles gave me a happy !
  8. scotty_

    Missing Mother G

    safety first !!!
  9. scotty_

    Mustang Street/strip Car

    I saw this last week http://www.enginelabs.com/news/clay-forres...erls-superdeck/ Way to go clay Miss u in the dunes brotha
  10. scotty_

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Love u slapster !
  11. scotty_

    Camping West Of Canal

    Pretty sure the gate on the west side of the canal at the highway is closed . There is a road on the lower side but depending on what u got it is soft . Great spot at the bridge if u can get down there
  12. scotty_

    Some Truth.

    What they said
  13. scotty_

    Glamis Memorable Moments

    summer ride big group sitting in the middle of the dunes late at night epic lightning storm all around us we sat drank and watched for hours what a show
  14. scotty_


    Butthead! Too funny not too share

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