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  1. After I bought my 2500 HD I noticed one of mine was leaking fluid, so I bought a set of 4 Pro Comp ES9000, quite happy with them, just need to add air bags on back end for towing 5th wheel.

    Bob "Doc" Savage

    1. scotty_


      Thanks sir 

  2. and correct ted kipf road switches sides as it crosses the tracks
  3. when does this become criminal ? how much $ has been taken from citizens for bogus laws ? soo sad :-(
  4. i like tytles n GD.com

  5. scotty_

    Camping West Of Canal

    Pretty sure the gate on the west side of the canal at the highway is closed . There is a road on the lower side but depending on what u got it is soft . Great spot at the bridge if u can get down there
  6. scotty_

    A Crappy Situation For Glamis Dunes Storage

    yep heard they were in trouble for dumping in the wrong hole shitty situation..........
  7. Maybe it's time you bought a trailer. Sarcasm. But hey, keep raising my fees so tourists can take a shit. tha japanese stand on the toilet seats while wearing golf shoes to shat.
  8. scotty_

    Well That Was Short Lived.

    thats awesome !!! plus 1 billion points
  9. scotty_

    Judge Illston Rules On New Ramp

    90 days after the ROD according to the RAMP Ahhh I am semi retarded sooo thanks for nothing "1.2 Termination of Interim Closures Pursuant to the Order of the U.S. District Court (Center for Biological Diversity v. BLM, C 03-2509 SI, Sept. 26, 2006), the BLM has been maintaining interim closures as identified in the “Temporary Closure of Approximately 49,300 Acres to Motorized Vehicle Use of Five Selected Areas in the [imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area],” 66 Federal Register 53, 431-02 (Oct. 22, 2001). All injunctive relief including the closures, shall expire 90 days after issuance of the ROD, unless the original parties file a response with the District Court explaining why the terms of the Court’s Order should continue. In the event the original parties file a response objecting to the expiration of the Order, the District Court will, as appropriate, issue an Order either terminating or amending the original Order, set a status conference, and/or request further briefing." Taken from the Recreation Area Management Plan (RAMP) under the Record Of Decision (ROD) subsection. I would assume that the ROD became effective the day the court ruled in favor of the RAMP. Just how I interpret what I have read so it could be way off the mark. sorta makes sense ? but in 90 days it could get a donkey punch from the eco natzis correct ?
  10. scotty_

    Judge Illston Rules On New Ramp

    90 days after the ROD according to the RAMP Ahhh I am semi retarded sooo thanks for nothing
  11. scotty_

    Judge Illston Rules On New Ramp

    When can i drive in the newly opened areas ?
  12. scotty_

    86 To Glamis Alert

    does this mean you could take the 111 on the other side ?
  13. scotty_

    86 To Glamis Alert

    http://www.desertsun.com/story/news/traffi...eather/6923667/ Be careful out there peeps
  14. scotty_

    86 To Glamis Alert

  15. scotty_

    86 To Glamis Alert

    Just saw onthe news 86 through salton sea will be closed through the night due to wind Check your route if your headed to the motherland Or coming home

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