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  1. captain11

    Bad Stuff This Weekend?

    I am with you on that... Do not condone fighting in anyway, but would have been the first one there to help out the victim.. great post Deano.. Still leaves the question, who were they? They were at the Unleashed tent late at night partying??? Employees? friends?? family?? Not pointing blame at Deano on this, but if they were employees or partying with employees in the booth, Unleashed is responsible for their actions.. 100% correct, I don't think anyone is directly blaming Deano, unfortunately if they do/did work for him he is responsible. Really?? Do either of you have any sort of legal precedent to back up your assertions? Let's say a Sears employee gets a DUI. Is Sears held responsible for the DUI? If you get arrested for child pr0n, will your employer go to jail for it? Why or why not? If the answer is "no" on those examples, explain to me why it is any different in this case. Assuming that they were employees. exxon valdez comes to mind, exxon was held responsible for an employees action, even though the captain was not on watch at the time he was fined, lost his ticket and thrown in jail JMHO, as im not a lawyer, i dont even play one on tv

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