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    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    You could ride over to Clean gene's, never mind that's a storage lot now. There's Dirty Bob's but that's been closed for years. You could ride your OHV over to Boardmanville and get some food and a drink, wait, forgot, you can't get over there anymore, thanks to the BLM. You could stop in and get some Pizza at Mamma Jeanne's Pizza, darn, that's right, I'm sorry, it was closed due to some water laws. How about a drink at the bar, crap, never mind that water thing again. I guess you can remember the times in Glamis before big government came to save us.

    What are yore fees for? Do you know?

    One other point about the uselessness of the BLM, unlike a real law enforcement agency they have no coverage over night. So if you have an issue at 2 or 3 am you will have to wait for a real cop to respond form Imperial County Sheriff. The obvious answer for this is they only deploy the assclowns when they can maximize contacts to justify their budget. It's why they aren't their midweek. Yet they use law enforcement as a need and justification for the fee.

    What are yore fees for? Do you know?

    If I'm paying for a green sticker why should I have to pay twice. What does the BLM provide for that double or triple taxation depending on how you look at it? The sort answer is NOTHING. The pads, the loops, Glamis Flats road, Osbourn Overlook where there before the entrance fee. The only thing we have really gotten is a ridiculous amount of assclowns and pit toilets, both are covered in excrement. Presidents weekend for example, they only are there from mid day Thursday to Sunday night. Before that you won't see one and after back to none. The honest truth is if you go mid week you wouldn't even need a pass as no one is there to check.

    What are yore fees for? Do you know?

    The BLM uses this term "Primary Vehicle" but that is BS, it should read every vehicle. If you drive your RV out and you wife or friend drive a car or even a motorcycle out and stay in your primary vehicle (RV) they have to have a pass or get cited. If you tow a street legal vehicle out to the dunes and then drive it on Gecko road you need a pass, or you get a ticket. Legal or not that is how the BLM does what they do. Call it what they will the fact is it's an entry pass for every vehicle. Just like the season pass sticker that you can't move from vehicle to vehicle. It's just government enforced theft.

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    We can be harassed by untrained, unprofessional assclowns that have no clue what they are doing.

    Search function issues?

    The problem is its useless and doesn't work. Since the updates its even worse.

    Nuts To You

    This was posted before and the problems with it pointed out in another thread.

    fasted speed ever up olds? tire slip?

    Sit at the hill and watch every SxS bounce and buck up the hill. You'll see more bucking then you will in a week at NFR.

    fasted speed ever up olds? tire slip?

    The hill is whoops almost all the way up any more. More about suspension then power thanks to the bucking golf carts.

    Hwy 78 at RR crossing (closure)

    Union Pacific is well aware of the issue there. They have been presented with a proposal to make a crossing there thatwould be legal even in the BLM's eyes. Now that the heat is being turned up on them to give us access to our public land they chose now to redo the crossing. They have no intention to restore our access let alone work towards a solution. If it wasn't for the BLM taking an illegal, incorrect and complete wrong stance that to cross there is illegal, it would be an issue. Even the California Highway Patrol says it is legal for us to cross there as close to the edge as possible, like we have been doing for decades. The simple fact is the BLM feel the need to keep us in one place where they can watch over us. Support H.R. 622

    Hwy 78 at RR crossing (closure)

    To the best of what I remember, Boardmanville on Instagram was saying it's going to be close this Monday and Tuesday to they can do something to the bypass there that they have been putting off for years. He said they have been staging equipment there for weeks so the emergency thing is BS.

    Slappy's Caption Contest

    Everyone is going to love the new format, it's gonna be awesome!
  13. The ICSD fields up to 3 sandrails and several truck at present. Thats already about as many cops as a city of the same population would have. They also have the ability to draw from with in the county in an emergency. A real agency would only staff what is needed. Look at a fatal crash 20 BLM Rangers with their thumb up their butts and the CHP sends one real cop to handle the report and handle the scene. Also with HR 622 the money that would go to the BLM for law enforcement goes to ICSD. I'd rather deal with a deputy then a dipshit.
  14. There is no over sight, no real complaint process and there is zero accountability. That only leave a law suit as a means of legal repercussions for them. This isn't just a priblem with Glamis. The BLM have gone out of their way to piss off entire states. It the reason Utah introduced HR 622, we are not the only people fed up with their B.S.
  15. Most tickets issued by the BLM are illegal. They make shit up as they go. I'm in the prosses now of fighting 2 for the samething at the same time by 2 different assclowns. I really think it's time to start a class action law suit against the BLM. Also let your representatives know you support HR622 strip the BLM of their law enforcement powers.

    Make America (and the drags) Great Again

    Educate them. Roll in slow and tight to the fools. Then stomp on it as you turn to run down the drags. They should start to see why they shouldn't park there.

    tired old permit question

    Non resident sticker is not needed for any offroad vehicle that is registered in your home state. Thats it, have fun!

    tired old permit question

    As long as it is registered in AZ you are good in CA.
  19. I think that is good news. I really don't want to see more land sold off and closed off to us. I do hope 622 passes and local L.E. are the ones policing things and the rangers can go back being out wit by bears that steal picnic baskets.
  20. This one is a result of the BLM pissing the people of Utah off. I hope this one goes through and the BLM are back to cleaning restrooms and wasting our fee money. Be nice to see these incompetent wannabes have their guns and powers of abuse removed.
  21. The BLM claim that the primary vehicle that bought you to the dunes needs a pass yet if you tow in a street legal vehicle and drive it on pavement it needs a pass. Just another example of the BS the BLM makes up to take more of our money.
  22. I'm sure this is said, "don't eat the crayons".
  23. Excellent! This is how it works for government agencies. Budget justification, it's all statistically driven so in a power point presentation during a budget meeting they can show a need for more money. They never say they need less, EVER! The stats they use (contacts) weather your ticket was thrown out or not is still counted.

    Howell Fuel Injection Refunded

    I know exactly what you mean about phone calls. At no other point in history have we had more ways to communicate and actually talking to a person seems more difficult then ever. There is a claims adjuster that is going to see me in person if he doesn't figure out how to pick up a phone.

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