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  2. When I picked up a toyhauler a little while back I noticed a strange engine noise as I was towing from Tehachapi to 29 Palms. Was watching all of the gauges and none of them were registering what I was hearing and it was still pulling good it seemed. The sound was almost like the engine was revving up and slowing down, almost like the transmission was slipping, but no loss of power or surging in the vehicle. Just the sound. After finding the fuel line issue discussed in the other thread I thought maybe that was it. After that was fixed the noise is still there. Has anybody else experienced this with your 7.3?
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  4. Started with a beam car with an old buick 215 v8 for power. Everyone we went to the dunes with were all in beam cars and started moving into long travel cars around 02 or 03. Had my first ride in a Tatum Black Widow around 04 and was hooked on the power and suspension and it was game on to find a long travel car. Looked at a lot of builders and went to the sand show in 05 with a wad of cash ready to pull the trigger. Was told by the builder (that is now out of business) that they weren't set up to sell a car at the show and would have to come to their shop to place an order. Work was busy and taking the time to go back to CA to order the car never happened. I had a Sand Trix F5 deal fall into my lap. The customer that ordered the car decided to go a different direction so I took over the build. I had Sand Trix change a couple of things then I took the roller home and started to assemble it. Started with an LS1 and 2d and it hit the sand in 2006. I have upgraded to the trans to an S4 and the motor is getting tired so I'm thinking it's time to freshen it up. I never took the car apart to have it powder coated. I love the car, it does everything I want it to do and has been so damned dependable it isn't even funny. In the next year or so I am going in a different direction. My kids are all grown and I rarely have them as passengers anymore since they all have their own toys. Since I have a 4 seater, people think I am the camp taxi and want me to cart around friends of friends, kids etc. and I don't like the liability of taking people with me I don't even know. My short list is down to a Alumicraft or Tatum Class 10 race car set up for the dunes with LS power and sequential. If the stars align I should be placing an order in December for the chassis and the build will begin.
  5. I feel like I own the perfect duner. It's one bad bitch. Light, fast, nimble and puts a smile on my face just typing this. What I still do though is wonder if it's enough. Is it enough for me. Have I grown comfortable with it. Is there more to duning that I'm missing. I always seem to compare my hustler with the 2.5 subi to my old banshee. Fast as fawk, nimble but busy. Always grabbing gears, always keeping it on the pipe (boost). It's fun and what I like. What I wonder is what am I missing. Am I missing the 450 quad that's just easier, less shifting, more torque, more grunt. Like what all the v8 guys are telling me. Guess the question should be what makes you happy. My car has made me happy for years but I still wonder and.......... The bigger one is, will my duning style and desires change as I age. Something tells me it will and that's OK too. I enjoy the ripping and super fast dune runs but I also enjoy the cruising, the look over at my gal and see he smile dune runs. Look around at the dunes, the area, the small things like a lizard scrambling by. Every car each and every one of us owns get us there. Being there is where it's at. Mother G, see you soon. Now back to yore regular scheduled program.
  6. Over the engine creeper would have been the trick I'm guessing. I got the line replaced after removing half the stuff above the motor but I had holes poked on me, bruises all over, knuckles busted, and was sore for about three days afterwards. Don't know that I would ever want to do it again but I could supervise the mission no doubt. If I weren't handicapable it wouldn't have been too bad at all compared to other stuff I've had to do. No leaks or seeps for a couple of weeks now but please visit my next thread on an issue that arose. Don't want to drag this one out longer. Thanks to all for the assistance.
  7. Up in NorCal at my dads. This came out of a truck I once owned. It was a runner with a lifter knock. I'll bring it back down south if its worth it. LMK Up here this trip till monday night.
  8. Well I'm hoping to match your performance. Was leaning towards the Toyo Open Country and the Hankook but after the manager looked at my tires he said he would give me full credit for the one tire so I had to stick with Michelin or get a BFG since they're made by the same company. Wouldn't budge on any credit for the other three even though they were the same age/mileage as the one that seperated. They were put on three years ago and had less than 10K miles on them. He said tires just don't do well up here in 29 Palms due to the heat. And he said I shouldn't run 80psi on the rear when I'm towing. Said 70psi all the way around is what I should keep in them when towing. I had always thought different... Anyway, I got me some big ol ass meaty Romper Stompers on the truck so we'll see how this set works out. 3yrs, less than 10K, I gots to get out more! PowerStroke guys check out my next thread I'm fixing to start please. Thanks for all of the input/suggestions on this one.
  9. Thanks, ya that crack tank last season was a bit unnerving.
  10. went To see the new Brad Pitt movie. The biggest waste of two hours ever. I have seen some bad movies that you wanted to walk out on and some bad movies you just suffer thru to hate watch but this was slow, boring and when the lights came on I was like what a waste of time. 2 hours of waiting for a movie to get going and it just never did now going to make some tacos
  11. Glad to see you have a real fuel cell and not a fuel tank.
  12. Ouch!!! I am fitting the new fuel cell in the car and channeling my inner ZTFAB. Going to dimple punch some holes to finish it off.
  13. Was going to be a simple CV prep but they turned into a snapped CV bolt. Eff me. Broke off clean and with just enough lip to still be tight against the CV boot flange. Had to chop up the boot flange. Stupid bolt.
  14. Yes, tomorrow morning. Text me. Jeff 818-472-9179
  15. God Bless America!!!!!!!
  16. First morning off in about 2 weeks so I've got a pretty long honey do list. Smoking a tri tip and a couple pork loins for lunches this week. Overtime tonight, overtime tomorrow, overtime tomorrow night. I'm over the LA County Fair. 2 more days! Andrew
  17. Looking to buy an engine that is in the Long beach/Torrance area and get it to PHX/Tempe. Any one headed this way?
  18. Call me crazy, but the un-finished car, has a rugged/ unrefined look to it that in my opinion is BA.. Sweet car! This is what I hope mine ends up as.
  19. Saw the 1290 when I was in China. New KTM factory is going to be 1.29 million sq ft. they have a joint effort with CF Moto. start putting bikes out next year and it is just walls as of last week. They looked like very nice bikes.
  20. Is that women's water polo?
  21. Are you sure about all of this? My good buddy sand shark has been telling everyone that the XX has sold only about 10 units worldwide because it's a total piece of crap and because Robby holds patents on the parts, no one would ever buy them because aftermarket parts are THE most important aspect to any SxS on the market. Without aftermarket parts, you can't spend $28k on in and then spend another $25K on gussets, brackets, new cage, lights, etc. If you can't do that, nobody will buy it. He also said the 4 seater, 72", 77" and the turbo models will never be built. He stated that as a fact. Who do I believe now? Just messing with sand shark. I'm glad to see Robby didn't take all of his marbles and go home. I'm not particularly happy with any of the current models of SxS, regardless of how many electrical gimmicks they sprinkle on top. Polaris has never understood the concept of center of gravity, all of their models since the 900 have been taller than they needed to be. Yes, it's possible to get plenty of wheel travel without jacking it up to the sky. When will Canam put a front end on their frame that encloses the radiator (at the very least) and there aren't any more single shear suspension mounts and while we're at it, anybody in the engineering dept heard of uniballs? Or is that on the drawing boards for 2054? Glad to see that the XX issues (as few as they were) are addressed and a wide variety of flavors will soon be available. I wouldn't mind a 72" turbo model in the future, provided it's not too terribly expensive.
  22. Almost zero. Parallel twins run smooth.
  23. yes , i have one on my car, I have AEM ecu, just plugged it in. there is a bit of an initial setup. nasic templates you can use. do you have an AEM ecu or are you hooking it up to something else
  24. I wish I could help, I was born in CA but live in AZ can I sign, I wish. DON~~~
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