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  2. Mikeyfresh714

    Desert Dynamics duel sport

    It battles with the other car for space in my hart and on the trailer 😘
  3. Mikeyfresh714

    Foddril finished by GIESER BROS duel sport

    Sometimes that auto correct gets you. Lol. Probably did that on my other post as well. Didn’t think grammar was that big of a deal amongst fellow gear heads πŸ₯΄πŸ€“πŸ€”πŸ™„
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  5. MGM/FRP

    What is the skinny on the enclosed monster Manx

    Was this it? Guy is a pilot for aeromexico. Nice guy!! Did the mods after he wadded the car. Wanted to be able to drive the anywhere.
  6. MGM/FRP

    What is the skinny on the enclosed monster Manx

    This car was built by play tech. It one of the body's I built for buckshot years ago. On the manx, what was the color scheme? Did it have a radius roofline? Was the owner Mexican?
  7. Will G

    SU Mid-Engine

    Congrats Dave car looks nice!
  8. funcos dune very well. I love this pre runner and if I dont sell it then ill have fun in it. this tatum runs great in the dunes just dont get that funco experience like I am used to! nothing at all can I say bad about this tatum and the way it handles other than its two different riding experiences!
  9. jhuerta

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    Just out of curiosity can you share how much the frame with arms cost. Also what is the wheelbase on your car and length?
  10. jhuerta

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    And if you went and clean up. They wouldn't be able to find anything! πŸ˜‚
  11. indianjoe

    What is the skinny on the enclosed monster Manx

    I feel there is a unicorn driving thru the desert. ...lol
  12. DeviantDuner

    Sheet Metal fab shops where & who ?

    Another vote for KATG in calimesa
  13. DeviantDuner

    subaru 2.5 top mount intercooler

    There are multiple Intercoolers for 2.5 , what size?
  14. 77charger

    What is the skinny on the enclosed monster Manx

    I know the one your talking about he camps next to us most big weekends its a street legal plated one too has windows on it i dont think i have any pics though.Owner does alot of time in baja with it as well.Very nice set up if you see it up close and owner is a pretty cool guy too. Didnt see him out this past weekend though unless he camped in another spot.

    ABC at KOH, ..

    Yeah... 2019 resolution... more off-roading.... Hit Morongo for lunch.. Last 3 times I stopped for lunch, I took their money.... once 15 minutes, other 2 times just 1 hour... A quickie..... then back on the road. 21... but my β€˜game’ is poker 😬πŸ€ͺπŸ€£πŸ’΄πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ ..... more vacations abc
  16. 77charger

    Thoughts on LTZ250?

    Got my 17 year old son a ltz 400 he was on a blaster before.Gonna put my 13 year old daughter on the blaster but before i do i figured id teach her how to use a clutch so had her try the ltz400 out.She learned quickly all she had ridden before that was an lt80.She was out and riding it on her own within 15 minutes near camp and after about 45 min another in our group took his daughter and mine on a mild ride from camp near ranger station to the start of the big bowls and back. Spend some time on how the clutch works before they ride off and a basic on how gears work.I had mine with bike off pull in clutch all the way then release to half way a couple times and said this is about where it will grab,started up quad give a little throttle then let clutch out til it started to grab and told her pull clutch i explained this is where it starts to go did a couple more times followed buy letting out with same amount of throttle (about 1/4 or just under) til it began to roll and pull it in again finally said hold throttle there now keep letting out clutch slowly and once rolling let it out do a lap around camp come back here to a stop then roll out again and get use to it,had her come in told her to shift to second ride a lap come in shift to first then stop then neutral.After that she was on here own it went fast and thought it was perfect to train her on this since its electric start and has a neutral light indicator so she gets a good feel for a manual.
  17. Nice! I always want more counter space.
  18. Lou skywalker

    subaru 2.5 top mount intercooler

    Used intercooler and piping for 2.5 EJ25 subaru
  19. jeeperdino

    ABC at KOH, ..

    was there also, had a blast! used up all my propane running my heater, 4 nights chocolate thunder seems like its their olds hill with all the spectator action
  20. emerald cove. been going for years.. Super crowded during the summer
  21. jeeperdino

    Foddril finished by GIESER BROS duel sport

    has turning breaks also nice car btw, glws
  22. NIKAL

    RV repair shops in San Diego

    Yep they are good, but also reflect it in thier pricing & attitude sometimes. I’ve known the owners since they were employees of La Mesa RV.
  23. hondajimz

    WTB 06-09 CL4005 or similar

    Weekend warrior owners group.
  24. I beat the piss out of mine for years with next to no maintenance and the bike never gave me any grief. Would buy another one without hesitating.
  25. CHRIS J

    Suspensions Unlimited updated King Kong Spindles

    These don’t come up for sale much, make him an offer before they are gone
  26. someone buy this thing, these bikes are super reliable, i know guys that ran the piss out of these things, ran the river for years and never skipped a beat. you can't beat these warriors
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