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  2. Wow! That is a badass car!!!! Thanks.
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  4. Rockwood

    Jeep Pics

    Rental in DC 4 banger is quick, borderline fast.
  5. Rockwood

    Jeep Pics

    I would expect no less
  6. fastcorvairs

    Hitch of choice - thinking alum

    Iv had this style on my trucks for ten plus years. Towed lots of trailers and much weight.
  7. mike dee

    **Recovered. Stolen Silverado from Riverside

    I’ve seen them salvage title these when in bad condition or just total it out. I hope this would help you if you have a kick ass insurance co.
  8. mike dee

    Hitch of choice - thinking alum

    I’ve seen this style snap in half twice, both been while slowing for a red light. Not sure about brand but they were both this style. Youd never feel comfortable with aluminum after seeing that.
  9. mike dee

    Anyone cover their trailers?

  10. DEV'S RZR

    Rzr Ride Pics And Stuff

    wow I haven't been to the rock in 20 yrs nice to see its steal in good shape
  11. onanysunday

    Funco summer graphics project

    High tech paint booth. I sealed the top also so it really holds the fumes in. Had my respirator on but damn my eyes were watering so bad I had to keep going out for fresh air. I might need my sucks gas letters in red now.
  12. JGSturbo

    New build in progress, The Handful

    Those old lifters = super blown, even without oil there's a huge difference in how easy the plunger goes down. Aiming to be back to last thursday's running/driving state. Some other non-sense.... Coating black with morre Gorange on the perforated screens. Joins in to the diff skid bump all the way to the front floor pan.
  13. ***Deposit taken - Sale Pending***
  14. Flip-Flop

    Honda Talon

    That's funny. And I'd bet that the motor still runs. Hey, it's a Honda!
  15. chopshop

    Hitch of choice - thinking alum

    My go to hitch no need for me to have 3 or 4 . When not in use it tucks behind flush . 2 inch is rated 10k 2.5 inch rated 14k 3 inch rated 21k
  16. jjoseph99

    Sand Jack

    PM sent I'm in San Diego Thanks Jeff
  17. Grease Monkey

    **Recovered. Stolen Silverado from Riverside

    At least some closure. Sorry to read all this.
  18. stumpalump

    Graphic Warning! Seat belt injury

    I wear a Kevco Stubbs kidney belt. They keep your guts in place and save your back. Get the short one. My tall bunches up a little on the bottom of the seat back. The caption from the original pic: This happened back in February 2019 East of Dallas, Texas. My niece was trying to pass a semi in the slow lane. Either she clipped him or he clipped her (depends on which driver you talk to). This resulted in her spinning out and being t-boned by another semi. Her boyfriend was in passenger seat and had to be cut out. Both only suffered cuts and bruises. The picture of her injury was from her seatbelt.
  19. GM FAM BAM

    **Recovered. Stolen Silverado from Riverside

    just got home, they caught the guys driving it in moreno valley, they bailed and they caught all 3 suspects. Truck is Stripped, stinks like alcohol and cigarettes. I’ll prolly sell off what I can and call pick a part. Effin hate thieves fuel station and quad are gone
  20. SofaKing

    Honda Talon

    I dunno...........somebody felt like riding the wheels off this one.
  21. indianjoe

    BBQ hook up!

    Check eBay and craigslist I bought two top of the line Vikings BBQ s ,Heating drawers, stainless doors the whole Shabang For pennys on the dollar from people moving and or redoing the back yard just have to be patient and have the cash ready to go you will find it Quick search https://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/for/d/chula-vista-viking-bbq-grill/6873291402.html
  22. DarkJuJu

    BBQ hook up!

    I have had this Weber for over 8 years, it has been solid and I cook on it almost every night. https://www.weber.com/US/en/grills/gas-grills/summit-series/7360001.html
  23. DarkJuJu

    Anyone cover their trailers?

    I just got a Genesis 34 gsxl and have it scheduled with a quality outfit in Phoenix to have it ceramic coated with Sensa Japan product that is warrantied for 5 years (supposed to last for 😎. You only have to wash your coach, it's not magic, it won't stop scratches and what not but what it will do (from my research, and talking to other owners) is protect it from the sun, dirt, and bugs that are such a pain to get off without having to wax it twice a year. It's not cheap but I will come out ahead in $$$ and time saved in wax/polish.
  24. DarkJuJu

    Towing to Glamis from Prescott Valley or Payson AZ

    I would like to get some info on this place, please and thank you 👍
  25. olmansand

    Green new deal

    Atlas Shrugged is a great and surprisingly prophetic book. Doubt AOC can spell "John Galt". LOL.
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