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  3. Sandslinger1986

    What Is Your Dream Buggy? Post Pics & Build Details!

    Both of my dream cars are built and owned by my in laws. My dad has the black funco stingray with the red interior and my mom own the funco evo chassis. Both are amazing cars and hold separate things to me that make them perfect.
  4. Rockwood

    F Thieves - An Engineer’s Revenge.

    Probably used glitter because it wouldn’t be worth it for the thieves to risk getting arrested to sue the guy. Remember, this is the country where a burglar can fall through a skylight, sue his victims and win.
  5. Rockwood

    Anyone here using a Mac computer

    Nah. Takes too long.
  6. DeviantDuner

    Suspensions Unlimited V6, $24.5K

    If that’s an SU someone went through some pretty great lengths to remove every signature of an SU, lol Wheel hubs, steering hub, floor pan, rear skid plate, rear view mirror, all have SU or suspensions unlimited cut or engraved. If it’s an SU ultralight upper rear shock mount wrong location, mid cross member bar behind motor wrong location, front arms changed. Switch panel changed design and location. Clean car but doubtful an SU
  7. I'm looking for a front set. New or used but in good shape. Here is a sample. Give me a call. 626 327 6816 jorge
  8. John@Outfront Mtrsprts

    F Thieves - An Engineer’s Revenge.

    love so much I watched it twice
  9. socaldmax

    F Thieves - An Engineer’s Revenge.

    That was great! I'm not so nice, instead of glitter, I would have used dye packs to permanently eff their cars up!
  10. jeeperdino

    Damaged Dune sport 14.50 x 15. Is it worth trying a tube

    imo. you answered your own question right here. (Is it worth trying a tube or just buy a tire? My thought is not worth crashing;) if you fix it you will always worry about it and I know how you like to drive! also how old is the tire? and didn't I just see your buggy driving on 3 wheels in another post?
  11. brandonl7c

    2015 Rzr SOLD

    Congrats Man
  12. socaldmax

    Anyone here using a Mac computer

    The wood stove, right?
  13. jhuerta

    Black DWT 17x12 w/ 5.5" Offset & 14.5 Dune Sports

    Dang I wish they where 15! I have a pair of 15x12 but I'm looking the offset yo have .
  14. 2.5 internal bypass Evo Revolution coil over shocks. Two 10” and two 14” without the coils. Posting for a friend, call/txt Mitch for details (951) 288-6026
  15. Well I have found a new dream car. This thing is sick.
  16. punkur67

    Honda headers. 250.00

    Are these still available?
  17. aceisback

    F Thieves - An Engineer’s Revenge.

    ...Or maybe flammable vapor and an ignition source. EFFE theives.
  18. Yeah the only differences are suspension, tuning, & an intercooler. Getting my EVP stage 1 172hp kit after xmas, & fox race tune on my shocks. So I ended up saving 8k for my machine & it’ll perform neck & neck with the xrs.
  19. HOWIE

    Good Paddle for 250R

    Where are you located at?
  20. Hero 4 Silver Edition + extrasSelling my GoPro. I don't use it too much anymore, and when I was using it, it was my backup. I am the original owner and still have the receipt laying around somewhere. This is the Silver edition, which has the touch screen and view finder on the back. It is super nice when setting up the frame and scrolling through content on the camera. You can also do that with the free GoPro app.In this package, I have the camera, four internal batteries (one of them is not pictured because it is inside the camera), two battery BacPacs (not pictured, but included), four back doors (water proof, touch screen compatible, floaty, and extended for external batteries), charger, USB cable, charging block with two USB ports, one adhesive mount, a J-buckle, a Go-Pole thumb screw, protective lens cover for the housing, two protective lens caps for the camera (one clear, one black), the Frame mount (not pictured) to use in clean, dry conditions for better sound quality, Go-Pole Grenade grip, Go-Pro Chesty mount, and a protective travel case.I bought every piece of this kit new, and wish I still used it enough to justify keeping it. It is a great camera that shoots amazing video, but it is time to let it go. I don't really want to sell it for this little, but it's better off in your hands than mine. Asking $200 obo
  21. stumpalump

    Damaged Dune sport 14.50 x 15. Is it worth trying a tube

    Yes. I riped it last year then ripped the other one. I trusted it enough to use on my last ride after not liking the paddles I was using. I covered the threads with sho goo but it cracked. Take big bites with the needle and thread and next time I’ll use somthing different than sho goo. 5200? Gel superglue? Got a sugestion?
  22. rayspeed

    Good Paddle for 250R

    Probably take a c-note for all four for the best of both worlds. $60 for the two skates wheels and tires seems fair. The rims are itp and more on the thick and durable side than thin and bendy. No chunks out of any of the paddles... perfectly worn down. The sharks took a wack by a root at the cinders but hold air and you would never know riding on them all held air good last I remember. I got some front single ribs on wheels to that match up nice. Will be at oglilby from this late saturday to new years.
  23. 163k miles $6500obo 2007 Weekend Warrior FS2500 is in play as well. 12' to first cabinet, captains chairs, electric jack queen beds, has frame reinforcement, 14k obo, half ton towable. Fits the Tom Pro nicely right now. make me an offer for both if you like. I'm in the market for a Weekend Warrior LE3505. Running out of space with new baby.

    F Thieves - An Engineer’s Revenge.

    I like it but instead of glitter I would like to see him use anthrax.
  25. Phoenix7

    How to find groups to ride with?

    Grease Monkey, those are the instructions I've been looking for! I will look for the brown survey stakes and finally get to know these washes. Thanks! Jay Bird, with those instructions I should be able to find your group. I'll really try to meet and ride with you and your group. I thought I would post a photo of my Maverick here too. This was taken on Thanksgiving weekend in Brawley. I need to take some daytime dune photos soon.
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