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  2. Yes a 36" tire with 930 and 2D is asking for trouble. As is anything bigger than an 8.80 up front. Your car would work well with an STU Blaster 33 with #2 paddles. Your HP number to the ground may be optimistic.
  3. Speeding recovery to Ryan Newman! I think it was Corey Lajoie who’s car hit Newman’s airborne car on the drivers side that looked hard to me. Had me worried when they brought out the black privacy fences while getting him out.
  4. Damn that sucks. I was looking forward to seeing those rides.
  5. Had a great weeknd few pics of us stopped
  6. Thank you guys for the replies He had both truck and trailer towed home
  7. @sandypriapism is a friend of mine and was the original owner of this car. He took great care of it and it was not abused at all. The ladies in camp used to call this car a "panty dropper". LOL
  8. Doesn't sound normal....that's for sure....start with the last thing you changed....
  9. The way I see it, he was still moving 150mph + when the other car hit him and put him in the air...There is a lot of damage to that cage.....I wonder why it seemed to fail so badly... Hopefully he is just beat up and will be able to come back.
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  11. Sounds like a issue with aftermarket clutch work
  12. Coming along great man! The pool is awesome and I'm certainly jealous of the BBQ island. Congrats. -TJ
  13. Wish him a speedy recovery but news said "serious condition, expected to make a full recovery" doesn't sound so well together.
  14. When we stopped to replace the first belt / I thought we took all the broken peices out We did NOT rev the engine to blow out any pieces I felt around both sides and didn't see or feel any stringy pieces we disconnected the hose on the upper left an I felt around for lose pieces and didn't get any out Not sure if Paul washed it w soapy water It was crazy how quickly the replacement belt broke...... It was fast I told her to drive it around easy for 5 minutes very easy before we went back out duning to help break it in and she did
  15. Agree. Not sure how it didn’t catch fire but what a blessing it didn’t
  16. Looking for a set of paddles for my car, anyone have any before I go new?
  17. the electric steering is over amping and turning off for a split second when stressed like you are experiencing. Nothing you can do except swap out the unit for a $600 after market ps unit or just don't turn steering wheel all the way to lock in a corner. The 2017 and 2018 cars are worse than your 2019 due to lower wattage ps units. I actually have been duning in 2wd lately and love the drifting and feel I get during high speed runs. I will turn it back on the bomb the woops at olds though.
  18. Bad clutch alignment is a possibility, most of the time its driver error and staying on the skinny pedal too long . When you replaced the first broken belt did you get all the pieces out ? Did you rev up the engine without a belt on it to throw out pieces? Did you look in the sheaves for string or pieces hanging up the clutch? Did you check the clutch intake and exhaust tubes for belt pieces blocking the airflow? was the replacement belt washed in warm soapy water to remove the oils off? checking clutch alignment is a little involved. Basically check your belt clearance at the primary sheave(forward one) at the 9:00 position with feeler gauges. Even is what you are going for. Oem belt is the ONLY way to go. Other brands may last longer but they are harder which wears grooves in your clutches and don't bite well which slip and create heat. You should be getting close to 1000 miles a OEM belt. Rockymountain atv $142 each.
  19. With the clutch work, I'd recommend the "BadAss" belts... Otherwise I recommend sticking with stock BRP belts. If you continue to have problems with belts I'd take it back to KMS and have them make sure your clutches are not out of alignment... Also, once you stop after a ride, I ALWAYS rev the motor (in neutral or park) up to about 1800 RPM (or when you just hear that the clutches are engaged) for a couple of minutes to keep the air moving in the housing so you don't have the belt just sitting on the hot sheaves... TL/DR: Aftermarket clutch work = BadAss belts or stock clutching = stock BRP belts. Always cool your belts after a ride.
  20. Actually just got word that they are in process now. We will get a sample set to run a pattern on in a few weeks to make sure the tooling is correct. Once we confirm, hoping to have them in about 6 weeks after that. "Hoping" being the key word. Be lucky to have them in time at the end of summer.
  21. How much for a set of Blaster 33x17 #2 cut
  22. We used to call my Rhino the Sand Shovel back in the day... never ate so much sand!
  23. BBQ is coming along! More tile to be done. It will be tiled all the way to the bottom and match the contour of the patio. That's why I had it finished onsite. We are also adding a drop lip under the counter that is going to get tiled. I mocked up the 2" x 2" that will go around the 3 sides. Reason for this it will hide the LED fixtures. Had some fun with the lighting last night.
  24. I had a car that would stick the nose in the sand on full compression. That's something you will never forget. Like a shovel of sand hit you in the face at, you choose the speed here. It hurts.
  25. Questions for you guys. I did a search and only found one topic so I am posting up. I have a new can am X3 4 seater with the new SS360 tires was in the sand and blew a belt this weekend with only 300 miles on. put a new non can am belt on and it blew in a few dunes less than 5 miles. where do I look for problems. Wife was driving and not full throttle by any means. I really thought these belts lasted longer. I did have KMS put there clutch kit in for 32" tires that was when it only had 37 miles on it.
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