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Fuel Tank Sender Mod


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My fuel gauge stopped working a couple years ago.  E85 killed the sender mounted on/in the tank.  I ordered a new sender from ISSPro specifically coated for E85.  https://isspro.com/page_Level_Fuel_Senders.php Great customer service btw.

Anyway the new sender bolt pattern matches, but my bung hole is too small.  To fix this I made a special tool using the holesaw arbor off the cheap Harbor Freight tubing notcher.  It drills out the hole to 1 1/2” dia. To accept the ISSPro sender. 

If anyone needs to use it, let me know, you pay shipping.  Jig only, you have to buy your own HF notcher $57.  






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I have had to do that mod a few times  - the ISSpro is worthwhile upgrade even if it just to slow a bouncing gauge needle. If anyone is going to something like a Holley dash from an analog gauge ISSpro is the only way to go or reading the gauge is difficult. 

I normally do that mod with a router and end mill, its slow and tedious, your mod seems fast and easy !


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11 hours ago, MorganDOT said:

 my bung hole is too small.    


I know totally childish, sometimes I just cannot help myself though


tp bunghole GIF

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