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Any Guitar Players here?


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Rhoads played a nice Les Paul Geetar fiddle as well. Always loved the Les Paul design.



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3 hours ago, MWB said:

Yes it is, almost as cool is the story of Joe Perry's tobacco burst. 

Strange, I don't know that one and will have to look it up.  Is that the one that Slash had? 

I know he's had a few, but I've always associated him with a million other guitars that he's played, BC Riches for example:


Look at all those beauties in the background:


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28 minutes ago, Stugots said:

Rhoads played a nice Les Paul Geetar fiddle as well. Always loved the Les Paul design.


My friend down the street has one of those too (tbh, at some point he's had / has  at least of everything).  This one is from the early 80s w Tim Shaw pickups and the cool chainsaw case. Super clean with a nice patina:


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11 hours ago, MWB said:

Like always your going about it all wrong........


Mid 70's Ibenez built a bunch of Gibson copies( that were better then the original BTW)  Thats not what pissed Gibson Off, what pissed them off was the wrote Ibenez so it looked like Gibson.


So going in that theme just call it MAC, steal ESP's logo to do it

Macson and steal the Gibson logo



Or just pull out that old coat of arms you have and place that on the headstock.


Had a beautiful Frampton Ibanez LP from ‘76. The thing was a beast. I try not to think about that guitar. Sold it to get married.



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On 9/14/2021 at 8:31 PM, Quaddaddy said:


I was in this band that shared a practice studio with this band called Icon. They were heading into the studio to record and would not be back in the rehearsal room for a few months.... Anyway 

One night as we were hanging out getting ready to leave band practice. We see this van drive by real slow with a couple guy's in it eyeballing us. The van went to the end of the street and turned around and came back and stopped.  This long haired guy gets out and ask's us if this is where Icon practices.  This spot was off the beaten path and was on the DL, nobody knew about it who didn't practice there.  Anyway

The drummer kind of puffs up his chest to this guy a little and tells him he don't know what he is talking about and it be best he just drives off. Before the stranger can even answer the Guitarist walks out and goes  "Hey aren't you Jeff Pilson?" (from Dokken) . He say's yes that's me bout that time the passenger from the van has gotten out of the van and walks into the light. He say's "and I am George"  ( yep Mr Scary himself) 

Anyway they just moved to town and were going to use Icon's area and time slot for a couple weeks ( to write the song Dream Warriors) 


Fast forward to us showing up for practice and they are just finishing up and George is just in love with our second guitarist's tone. He had one of the Ibenez explorer's. George offered him any guitar in his collection ( minus one ) or a custom shop ESP for that guitar. 

For VH 1 & 2 all of the rhythm guitar parts and leads that didn't have a wammy part in the song were recorded with the exact same guitar and they were highly sought after. 

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Since I'm guessing yore using a Stew Mac kit and yore going with a LP shape, I'd just get Mac in the Gibson font on the headstock and then get a truss rod cover that said Stewdio in the same script as the LP Standard . . .

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Put in a little work this weekend.  

Got the neck set, neck trued, frets set, leveled, re-filed, polished.  Fretboard stained, body sanded, tung oiled...

Now the patience part, not rushing the finishing process.  It's coming along nicely.



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