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Tips/rules For Your Ads "for Sale, Trade, Barter" Updated 4-8-10

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Here are a few tips/rules that I think may help you move your item the quickest.

* Absolutely no flaming other peoples ads, constructive criticism is ok as long as you keep it positive, and stay on topic! Flaming will result in some type of punishment from the management here.

* Be descriptive in your headline, don't just say "For Sale", try and say for example, what year, model, price, etc...

* Take pictures and post them to help show your product. By all means, clean your product first, dirt can show up in the picture and may make it appear that you don't take care of your stuff. Show as many pictures as you can to show all sides and/or features of your item. Be descriptive and try to list all of your options that your product has. This can prevent a bunch of questioning about the product by potential buyers. I would suggest that if you are taking pictures of your quad, as an example, take it out of the garage or trailer so the pic's are clear and not cluttered with your other treasures.

* Post your price AND whether or not you are willing to take trades. It may help to say if your price is OBO (or best offer) or firm. Post a realistic price. There are very knowledgable people on this board and an out of line price could be met by unwanted comments on your ad.

* Check your ad (and e-mail including PM's) frequently. You may have a buyer wanting to ask a specific question. Some items have sold in minutes on this board.

* This section is not a discussion area so don't post stuff like, "I'm thinking about buying this, what do you think?, I'm having trouble with this part how do I fix it." We have other sections for that to go to so post it there. (Tech sections, general chat, etc.)

* If you sell your product, then mark that on your ad (in the headline) ASAP. (go to your ad, hit the edit button, then full edit, then go to the headline and write SOLD in it, then save.) You can do this to eidt your ad as well.

* Disclose any defects or problems with your product to prevent an unhappy transaction. Also, disclose if your product doesn't come with some part that is seen in the picture! (a guy had a boat for sale but forgot to say the engine was not included. idiot!)

* Post your ad in the correct catagory, i.e., RV's, Trailers, Bikes, Buggies, or the appropriate Parts section. No double or triple posting, etc. of your ad unless specifically approved by a moderator.

* If you think its appropriate, post other contact information like a phone number or e-mail address. But, do post a way for someone to get ahold of you.

* State in your ad what town or city you and the product are in. There are people on the board from a number of different cities AND states.

* Absolutely no spamming. You, your ad, and your privileges to post here will be eliminated immediately.

These tips and rules have been provided to try and help streamline these sections and to make them less cluttered and more efficient. If you have suggestions, PM me. If you have complaints talk to Chummin, its his fault. j/k send me a pm if you have a complaint.


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