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Need Some Gd Opinions

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The Triple "F's"

you always get "F'ed" when you do Favors for Friends!!!!!!!

I say advertise the motor for $6k OBO and see what happens.

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Bottom line, you got a smokin' deal on a NONWORKING motor... invested some time (and maybe money) and got it running... then had it dynoed (more time, and probably money). That's called "value added." You are entitled to a return on your investment. If your friend can't understand that then he's either a) not much of a friend, or b) a Democrat.

If it were me I'd keep it. You're never going to get a deal like that again.

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Circumstances don't matter, nor actual value... Bottom line is that he asked what you wanted and you told him.

Whether you were jewing him or not SOMEONE has to step up and be the "Friend" and in this case it would clearly need to be him.

In other words... Why the hell would you spoil/ruin a friendship over an engine?

If he didn't like the price then he should have said to himself... "Ok, fine, he must not want to get rid of it" and that should have been the end of it.

Remember, this is a so-called "friend".

Think of it like this: There could be ANY NUMBER of reasons you told him 4k. Maybe you had plans for that motor. Maybe someone else offered you 4k. Maybe you knew something about it that made it more valuable. ... maybe maybe maybe... As a FRIEND, he should RESPECT that and move on. Or make a counter offer or whatever.

Friends don't get butt-hurt over a "deal" that never went down.

Maybe time to reevaluate your "friendship".

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