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Potential Full Time Job

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My buddy Mark is looking for a part time commission sales person.

His email follows.

I've been working with a cool startup, Hilltromper.com, "the nature-worshiping, fun-loving adventurer’s guide". The company was founded in Santa Cruz, California, and Hilltromper Santa Cruz has become the leading nature and outdoor directory to the area. We've built a solid, enthusiastic, and responsive tribe of hikers, mountain bikers, bird-watchers, treehuggers, ... you name it, if they're into the outdoors, they're into Hilltromper.

Hilltromper's content isn't just a simple. user-driven, list of trails and locations like many other sites offer; it's driven by carefully curated, timely, and professionally edited and produced news stories, articles, and guides. Our plan is to roll out a network of sites, each one with content targeting a specific locale, and to that end we've just launched Hilltromper Silicon Valley.

Hilltromper's traffic figures have been growing fantastically over the last year and the new site, along with the near future launches of sites for San Francisco, Marin, Monterey, and Big Sur, will generate a HUGE bump in traffic over the next few months. This will be supported by our scalable and efficient content strategy and an aggressive business plan ... but we need help!

Rather than using conventional advertising to monetize Hilltromper, we're relying on a sponsorship model supported by companies looking for access to our active and enthusiastic tribe to enhance and support their brands across one or more of our locale-focussed sites. We offer tiered message placement, sophisticated native advertising opportunities, and branded sponsor pages along with newsletter sponsoring and support for off-line events.

What we need are salespeople to generate leads and sell sponsorships to companies in the outdoor leisure and related markets. Initially we're looking for commission-only salespeople with a view to them becoming full-time as soon as possible (ideally within 6 months at most). Our commission-only package is generous and we'll do everything we can to make you successful.

This is a company that's growing fast and has a unique sales proposition in a huge and poorly served market.

If this is of interest to you, please let me know ASAP. And if you know anyone who might be interested, please pass this message on.

Thanks in advance.


Mark Gibbs.

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