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Glamisdunes.com. Creating a Symbiotic Relationship between the Off-Road Enthusiast and the Wildlife of the Algodones Sand Dunes System.

The last few years Glamisdunes.com has become a place for drama, and we have lost a lot of good people because of it, sponsors included. This is going to change. There are many good people here, but many don't post anymore because it has become nothing but an internet drama board, and it has lost its uniqueness that it once had. I am the owner of this website, and I take full responsibility for letting it go down this path; far too long. I apologize. This is an open board, free to all people. That is the message we have had since I became owner. Much like Glamis, open and free, that's the goal. We are very lenient when it comes to censorship, and have given members freedom to post at will with little restrictions. However, what happens around a camp fire in Glamis is much different than what happens around this camp fire here on the board. I know for a fact that many of the posts that are directed at someone here on the site would never be said to that same person when standing face to face. It's pathetic what I have seen and witnessed. I don't blame people for leaving, I would to. I have had members send me PM's, and to the mods, whining and crying about another member and what that member is doing, and at the same time I see that same member doing EXACTLY what they are crying to me about. The tattling that goes on is incredible. Many of you have no idea what happens behind the scenes. The crap admins and mods put up with, and keep to themselves, would astound you. If you only knew. I have had numerous members PM me over the years saying that they will not come back due to the attacks and drama that has infected the board. They were, and still are, afraid to post because of it. I should have paid attention and took action back then; I'm sorry.

Glamisdunes.com. Educating and stimulating the Minds of those who Recreate in the Algodones Sand dunes System.

This is not what I, or Slappy, had in mind 14 years ago when we purchased GD.com and discussed saving Glamis using GD.com as the tool to do it. Remember Glamis? Most of us do, but there are some of you that don't. It seems that the whole purpose to post is to get one up on the other person, whether it's by jabbing, demeaning, or gathering an audience to pounce. I honest to god hate it when someone starts a thread to incite and gather the member mob, when you know damn well it could, and should, be handled behind the scenes. If you have a problem with someone, moderator or member, would you please take it to that member or moderator and leave it off the board. And, if you don't have anything to contribute, and you hijack a thread, you will be removed as will your posts, and there will be no explanation. We are going to moderate harder. THIS ISN'T ABOUT OR DIRECTED TO EVERYBODY, ONLY A FEW, BUT THE FEW IS GETTING LARGER. YES, THERE ARE FANTASTIC PEOPLE HERE, THE HUGE MAJORITY, AND I AND GLAMISDUNES.COM THANKS YOU FOR BEING A HUGE PART OF THIS PLACE. But that majority is going away, and the posts and active member base is depleting because of it. I won't lie, this place is, for me, not fun anymore, and I can't allow that. This place, Slappy, and Glamis has meant too much to me to let me feel the way I do when I log on. It's going to stop.

A few of you have mentioned a higher standard for the mods and admins. Yes, I agree. We have made changes; adapted over the years. We have made many changes due to the demands of the members, hence PI and Cheff's Lounge, shout box, rep points, etc... However, because of that higher standard, which in most cases we have lived by, demand that you as a member have standards also; you aren't free from them either. You ask mods and admins to play fair, but we ask that you play fair also. If we remove a thread, it's for the betterment of the board and the members. Many times the original poster removes it, or an individual that is in direct conflict with it asks to have it removed. Sometimes you don't have to be “in the know” why it was removed. It takes a lot for us to remove threads, or even close them, and we don't like to do it because of the backlash we get from some of you. But when we do, what do you think happens when you post another thread exactly like the one we just pulled down or closed? Do you really think that we are going to accept that? It's a Slap in the face. It will be removed and you will to.

General Chat is a place for general stuff, and we would appreciate it if you put the subject you are posting in the correct area. If it's a PI discussion, please put it there. If it is a technical question, please put it in the appropriate technical section. If it is not, we will move it there. If you hijack a thread, you are going on a vacation. We have given warnings, asking folks to not do these things, and we have always given the benefit of the doubt, that is thanks to BeachHead, Slappy, and many of the mods. You know what's funny? There were three warnings given to three members this last month to please stop doing what they were doing (because of member complaints), and two out of the three members did EXACTLY what we asked them not to do the very next day. Hell, it might have been the very next hour. I shit you not. The warnings are going to stop, and posts will be removed. If you are in the shout box being an A-hole, then you will be removed. Guess who gets to determine if you are an a-hole? A mod does, you don't. GD.com is and always will be a place for discussion and debate. There is a big difference between debating with each other and demeaning and debasing each other. We are all about debate here on GD.com, heated even. We have had many good debates over the years, and they are welcomed. You can have fun, but be be aware of what you consider fun. Some people might not consider it fun, especially when they are the brunt of it.

Moderators and admins do enjoy joining in the discussions, and we would like to continue. I have asked them to take a step back before joining in, and to refrain from the jabs and jarring that folks like to do with each other. From the outside, it doesn't look good. We all want a fair playing field, but we need to do it together. Many of you use the “Report to a moderator”, and we thank you very much for that. But if it is a personal issue or problem that you may have with someone, or issues on how we are handling things, PLEASE take it to BeachHead, Stugots, Esco, or myself, behind the scenes so we can handle it one on one. My personal # 619-778-7989. Call anytime, (except during Masters week).

Please folks, we all want the change to a better GD.com, and it has to start now.

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