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Bench Seat for a Gen3

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I bought a nice Gen 3 this winter without back seat/bench seat.  Car looks like it is tabbed for a bench. 4 tabs behind the gas tank and only two up front and on the sides. Is there a particular seat maker that can make on that fits.  I bought two single PRP seats and was just going to cut of the front inside tab and mount 3 points but seat won't clear the frame.  My Gen 4 mounts seam to be mounted about 3" farther up front.  Any ideas?  Either I figure out a bench and sell the PRP's or have someone fab or re-tab for 2 rear84337978_Seattabs.thumb.jpg.5b482f594f33ee21ea29fb7fbdf4cd59.jpg seats. I saw a picture of the car with rear seats but don't know how they did it.


seat tabs 2.jpg

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The guy that bought my Gen 3 took out the bench and then installed buckets. He just made a rack to mount to the existing tabs on the car and then bolted the buckets to the rack. 

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Kind of figured that is how this one will go unless someone has a removed bucket they want to get rid of. Then I would just have it recovered.





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My gen 3 has buckets and each seat is only bolted in with 3 grade 8 bolts. The inside tab on the seat is cut off and sits on the gas tank where a small piece of rubber is glued. 

It looks like i can see a rub mark on your tank from the seat. 

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