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New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

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47 minutes ago, L.R.S. said:

Yes it does have a slight radius to it but the tubes under are still flat. It's a faux radius roof. Seen it done on lots of cars over the years. A radius roof looks so much more updated then flat I decided I needed one done on my car. Wouldn't know unless you got close to it but one of the most popular and well known sandrails in Glamis had a faux radius roof too...


Inside stuff right there. Literally ha! 

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Picked up my car last night. Couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Got a few things to install and button up and then a trip to Glamis for my birthday weekend Mar 30th to Apr 2nd. 

I didn't get any pics of it myself but here's some Adam sent me yesterday.





This is the firewall behind the rear seats.




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Wow, nice fit and finish!

The roof looks much better.

Matt Tomb like quality with modern style.

Time for dbart color  renderings!

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