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New Desertcraft product XPT CVT Blaster SD (Sand /Desert)

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XPT CVT Blaster SD (Sand /Desert)

 Our "XPT CVT Blaster II" for the XPT has proven it's worth on and off the track.

The additional volume of high velocity air provides consistent cooling (this is a stand along system NOT an inline blower) to the CVT drive system realizing significant drops in direct belt temperature, (Oh and it's filtered too!).

The "XPT CVT Blaster II" with it's remote mounted filter was developed to keep the filter high and dry for those who encounter much wetter conditions than we see here in the west.

We designed the "XPT CVT Blaster SD" (Sand /Desert) for the desert and dune rider in mind, our "XPT CVT Blaster SD" incorporates our proven high velocity fan assembly with a light weight dual stage foam filter that is directly attached to the assembly. The filter can be run dry for adequate filtration, or the inner layer can be lightly oiled to increase filter efficiency. We also offer an optional water repellant nylon wrap in case you encounter a little rain in the desert or that rare stream crossing.

If you like to run your XPT hard and fast through the desert and dunes, keep those belt temps in check with our "XPT CVT Blaster SD".




pictured below XPT Blaster II installed, XPT Blaster SD (Sand/Desert)installed, XPT Blaster SD kit 

DSC_0033 resize.jpg


package two cropped.jpg

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Looks like a nice set up

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Shout out for this company. My neighbor was looking for a better way to keep his belt cool on his 4 seater turbo rzr other than running no cover and I mentioned this product/company to him. He ordered the blaster on Tuesday and it came in yesterday, looks exactly as advertised. Great service, I will follow up with his experience after he runs it.

He was averaging maybe 200 miles a belt with the cover on.

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Ww just 200 miles on a belt he must a fast driver with lead foot . I guess I take too many breaks on my rides. Old and slow here . 

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