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S3 Mic vs the new M101

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I have an older style BTH headset and Im having problems with Mic and the 5 pin cable coming off the headset. I have one of the newer H42 Ultimate headsets, and it works fine. I was thinking I would replace the mic and cable, and see if it makes a difference before I go and order new headsets. So, I know the new style has the M101 mic on it already, and my older ones have the S3. So, Should I just replace the mic with the same S3, or is the M101 the way to go now? High or low gain? does it matter?


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Hey McGruff, In my opinion, if you're going to replace the mic on the headset, then I would suggest just going for an M350-E-ADJ, which is an adjustable gain M101 style mic. Low gain is good for offroad because you don't want it to pick up audio that's further away from the mic than your mouth. With this adjustable gain mic, you can set the gain to exactly what sounds great for your particular vehicle/environment. It looks like your headset needs a new wire boom too, and if you don't have the wire boom mount pieces anymore, that is right here. If you want to give me a call, I'll make sure you get hooked up for a good price considering it's to repair a current headset. Also, if you get a new cable, and that cable does not solve any issues, then I more than happy to take that cable back and refund you so you're not stuck with a cable you didn't actually need. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. 


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