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Lawn Dart

Sand Car and trailer for sale 3.5 Honda, Added a few more pic's. New price, $17,500 car and trailer, will include my sand Jack, 4 barely used Empi race preped 930 CV's and my nitrogen fill kit

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For a good offer I will include my sand jack, 4 Empi 930 race prepped CV'S and my Nitrogen fill kit!


Health reasons forces the sale of my favorite toy and past time

Frame 1 1/2 X 095 Chromalloy

Suspension 1 1/4 X .120 DOM as is the tie rod

Tatum rack and front hubs, no front brakes never needed them

Quick release steering wheel

Electric power steering

Karteck combo spindle spuds 4130 Chromalloy on custom front spindles 4130

PRP seats, front passenger seat is wider than the rest and driver's seat is adjustable

4 padded Crow 5 point harness

50 watt Rugged car to car / in car radio with 4 head sets

14 Gal RCI fuel tank with remote fill and fuel gauge

Gear One rear hubs and brakes

Tatum 300M axles, 930 German CV's

Engine is a 2003 Honda J35A4 with a Brandon harness and ECM

Trans is a VW 094, has Weddle side shift Conversion, all Weddle gear stack, genuine VW 4.86 R & P and 4 spider diff. Built by Rich Roberts 3.44, 2.17, 1.75, 1.30

8.50 STU up front and 14.5 Dune Sport II's in the rear. All non bead lock Douglas Wheels never needed Bead locks for the 40-50 mph dunning I did

Gene Berg shifter

Drake quick release fire ext mount

CNC pedals and turning brakes

One piece 1/8 inch aluminum floor

2 lazar stars and 2-4 inch HIDs

Fox air shocks--Work great! easy to adjust ride and amount of weight in car 2 X 10's I front and 2 1/2 X 16's in the rear

Have a set of 8.50's on steel wheels and BFG's on steel wheels for the cinders too they go with it

My wife and I have run this car 5 years, only 2 to 4 times per year I truly hate to sell it

Many thanks to Eric, owner of E2 Iron Works for all the fantastic work he did to make this project come alive

E-Mail, call or text 602-617-7010




$17,500 for car and trailer

Also have  a trailer I built to haul the car. Has an 18ft deck, 95 inches wide in the front, 100 inches wide in the rear, 82 inches between the fenders. Brakes on all 4 wheels, small 2500 pound winch, fuel station Holly blue pump, 12 ft hose with nozzle, 32 gallon tank out of a boat under the deck between the axles


























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Adding more

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Looks very similar to my dad's 2 seat Sand Limo Squirt, but a 4 seat version. GLWTS

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Chased this car through the dunes many times.  You know, if and when you and Lu are up to it again, our car is a 4 seater. 

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Don't think the 3 vertebrae fused in my neck and the two in her lower back will ever let us unless we just do bunny dunes. Where's the fun in that! Might as well get a moped while I'm at it.

I wish I didn't have to give this up, we have had some great times the 3 cars, was 5 then 4 then 3. Oh well life goes on, time for the V-drive flatbottom, and the speedster.

I call the car the Frankin car, started out as an RFR look alike. Then the master changed the front sort of like a Tatum with Limo suspension works great! Car dunes nice at 40 to 50 MPH.

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The flatbottom cant be much easier on the back :)

I have a nice 671 blower for a flatty Id like to sell



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Restoring an 18ft Dimarco with a 402 BBC, just want to take the kids water skiing.  Go out early when the sun comes out nice and smooth, then go home about noon when all the drunks show up. Was a Coast Guard Boarding officer no beer, booze allowed around my boat! Can't swim if you're drunk! Pulled many floaters who were drunk dead!

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Posted (edited)

Added some pic's.












Edited by Lawn Dart
Added pic's

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Any offers on the car or trailer or both?

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No offers? Can sell separately too.

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One more time

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