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Let me first say, if you are here then you care for Mother Glamis as much as we do!! The Adopt-A Wash Program was established back in 2005 when Mother G was not looking very good and needed our help.  Well, she needs our help again.

It is a very simple program that relies on the participation of all of you . It works, but we need your help to do it!!

Have you ever been sitting in camp and witnessed somebody walking by with a bag, picking up trash? I know I have.  It always gets me thinking, “Why shouldn’t I do something?”   This simple action is contagious.   This is the basics of what we are asking of the participants (YOU).  Bring out trash bags, police your area , get the kids involved.  Believe it or not, they Love to do it.   Why not make a game out of it.  Before you know it, they will be bugging you to go on a trash hunt!

Talk to your neighbors, bring them a bag and tell them you heard its going to be windy that night, and anything not tied down or tossed in the trash, will blow away.   These simple jesters make a huge difference.

Are you going to the hill, swing set, or flag pole? Pack some bags to hand out to groups that are around you, most likely they will get used, or packed away for their next stop.  

In this forum there are post started of different designated areas to adopt.  Find the post of the area you adopted,  even if its just for one trip, and share your pictures and/or dune stories.  It will make a difference. 

Again, this is a Volunteer program, and even if you do a small part of it, then you did your part.   We and Mother Glamis thanks you!

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