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MS3 stand-alone ecu

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Anyone running an MS3 based ecu in their sand cars? How do you like it? Reliability and such?Just looking for some feedback. Thanks guys

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Steinberg55 is running some version of MS in his car.  I have built a MS1, but haven't ran it.


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I have used both, the MS3 pro has allot of options but the customer service from DiY is spotty, and the harness is not what I like it is more a taped harness,

I like the AEM it is cheaper, we are working on harness for the infinity 5, like the infinity 3 it is like a mefi and make a adapter for the current mefi harness

the AEM can canbus right into the dash, and is easy to adjust even if you are not a tuner, the AEM customer service is really top notch they answer the phone asap where DIY want you to try to use the forum first

We run everything threw the AEM, the shifter output, fuel pressure, oil pressure, ect,

Aem also has output control so at a oil temp setting you can have the oil cooler fan turn on, or run a ambient air temp and turn on the seat heaters off the ecm,   


We have one test harness out there working on the boards to make more harnesses, should have the ecm and harness package around $2250 pretty soon, with S4 output and with a wideband  

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