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Kawasaki Teryx Long Travel, Big Bore with Kings

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Posted (edited)

Well here we go; this is a very lengthy for sale ad so you have been warned.  If you’re in the market for a nicely built Teryx that has and will dune anywhere in Glamis, Dumont, or any other place you choose or you’re just a city worker and bored, read on and thank you for taking the time to check this out.  I would prefer questions in PM form (private messenger), please.


It started back in 08’ when Art Woods (RIP) was still at Mt Clair Motorsports, we purchased the Teryx for the wife and drove it up some aluminum ramps into the bed of her GMC, and the rest is history.  Which I will explain in detail.  We had been following the UTV world since 04’ with the Rhinos and knew she wanted something to drive in the dunes at Glamis.  Knowing Kawasaki had been doing their homework with the R&D of the Teryx and improving on all of the short comings of the Rhino, and Polaris really didn’t compare until 09’ with the S.  In addition Kawasaki had been at it with their Mules since 1988 so we decided to go with the made in USA Teryx.

Started with a basically stock Rex, we first added a cage and a non-Cali computer.  Early on we realized the Rex was a stout UTV and rigged very nice, motor had gobs of torque and a very proven power plant.  We started with the TRD water pump impeller, all billet, no cavitation, and much better design.  This improved the cooling but we had just begun.  Next we went with high dollar Maxima cool-aid coolant, lower thermostat and fan switch by pass (direct turn on)   We then added the SDR massive aluminum radiator, Derale high output/low draw made in Italy massive fan, Earls 9-row perm-cool oil cooler, A&N fittings and steal braded lines, DASA oil filter sandwich adaptor and for good measure a  back-lite Trail-Tech digital gauge to monitor the temps. All these improvements worked tremendously well, and later with the addition of a big bore motor and full Muzzy cylinder back exhaust (which we double wrapped with high dollar heat tape) all said and done turned out to be a good move.  She runs nice at proper operating temp or slightly lower.

We then added custom made to order Jet Trim seats, full suspension, shoulder slots, crouch strap slot, wide body, deep seat style that Gary (RIP) made for us and some SDR lowered seat bases. While we were in the safety mode, we had SDR make us some full bolt in fixed doors with back sided padded skins.  Next was Bell racing custom ordered true five point harnesses all black with KEM lock buckles, NOMEX  lap belt pads, 3” belts, 3” shoulder, 2” anti sub crotch strap, snap link shoulder attachments and snap link lap attachments.  Very safe and very comfy.

Next we started with the motor/trans.  The Dalton clutch had a good kit; yellow spring and Dalton clutch cap were both used.  The secondary was done by Funco, they were winning all the UTV races back then and had all the magic touches, so Grant hooked us up with a modified secondary.  We only used OEM belts and changed them religiously ever summer regardless of use.  Added a K&N filter and pre-filter, billet intake plenums (keeps the intake securely mounted) and the intake/air box modification sump kit (keeps oil out of air box) removed the engine brake, added the Dasa billet cover where the engine brake came off of.  And a Muzzys Pro stainless steel dual full exhaust system, billet aluminum muffler mount brackets, whisper cores and turn down tips. (adult owned, not a big fan of stupid loud just to be stupid loud) In addition my mechanic installed a data port into one of the oxygen sensor bungs and it is still there, he used it for tuning purposes and carb adjustments. 

Now with some bolt on HP, it was time to upgrade the stock suspension.  Funco owned the UTV race circuit during that time period and dominated all of it.  They were the only company that ever made an OEM factory part number and factory warranty honored long travel kit.  The plus 5" kit came with radius arms top and bottom, front and rear, heavy duty axles, over sized tie rod extensions, SS brake lines and all the hardware.   We went with the hiems style kit and Kings with reservoirs, and had the boys over at Funco do the install.  Grant is a master artist, and I figured it was their kit, so have the master’s shop do the install, glad I did. Grant also did some minor refinements to the Kings at install; he re- valved them in tune to how the Rex was being built for the dunes.  The kit with install cost more than I’m selling the Teryx for, but worth every penny.  I recently replaced all 8 in the front with top quality buggy grade.  All four shocks were completely rebuilt last summer by PEP, all freshened up! 

Cage was done custom by SDR with intrusion bars, ceiling bars and interior padded roof skin, extended behind seat shoulder strap bars with snap link mounts, whip mount tab all together a top quality safety roll cage with plenty of head room for even the tallest person with a helmet.  (I’m 6’ and fluffy, plenty of room) The rear of the cage is tied into the frame with a custom “one-off” rear carriage and gusset combo.  A custom ice chest rack was fabricated to hold the healthiest of soda holders which can be removed if needed and under the mount a custom all aluminum heat shield over the Muzzy dual pipes.  (keeping those sodas nice and cool)  We removed the entire bed and added a custom bed delete kit. This shaved several hundred pounds from the Rex.  My wife never missed the bed and really felt the difference in weight savings.  We had two custom made Fiber Skinz composite front and rear diff skid plates made, both with service holes for diff maintenance purposes. The front bumper had a custom light mount made which has 3 HID off-road lights for night driving. A custom LED red taillight was added to keep it legal beagle.  I have two OEM headlights with high dollar HID bulb kits with ballest if the new owner wants to run them, plug and play ready to go.  

The interior has a “Joes’” racing lightweight quick release removable steering wheel, custom over-sized throttle petal and recently added aftermarket power assist steering, wife loves this upgrade, surprised how much this option is over looked.  It has custom jumper posts mounted on the driver’s side bed wall which allow ease of charging or jumping a stranded friend, and the jumper wires are run up from the fresh Optima yellow top battery.  Of course the Rex will come with a brand new spare OEM belt that has been washed; heat cycled and re-washed, and then hermetically sealed in a food saver type of bag for storage and ready to install with the custom belt replacement tool kit that is also included. Plus both OEM clutch removal tools, which are very spendy items, one of the tools is mounted in the bed area and the other is kept within the belt replacement tool kit.  A few on board items you will never need but are included spare steering end link, spare heavy duty heim with all mounting hardware.

The Rex also has a fresh Muzzy’s 840 Big Bore kit with all the internal bells and whistles, (see below for full motor workup) it was installed professionally by ASAP in Ranco by Manny who has been a Kawasaki mechanic for almost 40 years and I have used him for over 35 years. This upgrade was more than what I’m selling the Rex for.  ASAP replaced the spark plugs, adjusted the valves, checked the timing and adjusted the carbs (if needed) at the end of every season.  I changed the oil 3 times a year, start of every season, middle of every season and towards the end of every season, (4 month season) and only full synthetic oil was used.  The fuel filter was changed every season as was the front and rear diff.  It has a new fuel pump, and a new fuel tank.  Plus a brand new OEM belt, fresh oil and filter and a full tank of petrol.  The oil was checked every day, and it never dripped a drop or burned a drop, ever.  The air filter was cleaned every trip, as was the tire pressure in all four tires kept at 10psi.   Speaking of tires it has 4 Douglas blue label wheels, the fronts are the STU 12 ply secret squirrel buffs, and the rears are STU 60/40 comp cut paddles with tubes.  The front and rear tires are very light in weight and this adds to their appeal in sand use. This combo is incredible in 4 wheel drive, very predictable, and floats over the sand like an angel on crack cocaine.  Of course the stock tire and wheels are included, as are any and all take off parts, spare key, full OEM service manual and owners guide. Two other motor related items we added were a custom CVT fan kit with a  Trail Tech CVT compartment temp gauge and a Funco custom made motor mount reinforcement bar. The CVT compartment fan kit works well and helps keep the belt dust & dirt out of the compartment, plus keeps the over-all area cooler. 

It spent most of its other 8 months of the year in a climate controlled garage up on jack stands and was started every week to keep her happy and lubed up, and the battery was on a trickle charge when needed.  During its four month Glamis season it was driven predominantly by my wife, who when she decided to grace me with her presence would follow me around the dunes on my quad or other utv's & buggies in our group.  The Rex had a good life with us, she was pampered and spoiled with maintenance and never left us stranded.  It was adult owned and never abused.  It was used to dune in Glamis and it dunned well. This is no hanger queen or jeep mall crawler,  it is a UTV.  With all the expensive upgrades like a Muzzy’s 840, Jet Trim seats, Funco long travel, King shocks, STU tires, SDR cage & doors, etc., it does great as a duner.  I know on hard pack it would be incredible as well, all the OEM 4x4 is intact and ready if the new owner chooses to hit the dirt, my wife never did, nor was it driven on the street however in areas that allow UTV’s on the pavement it would be a blast, all for a fraction of what other ones cost.  The Teryx has a true lockable front differential, not the silly "all wheel drive" some other UTV's have.  Just the pull of a lever and your in full mountain goat mode ready to tackle any obstacle.  

In certain advertisements people state they spent tons of money on upgrades.  I have well over 32G in receipts in upgrades alone, and happy to share them with any potential buyer, but what are receipts really, they only show what was spent in a build and typically the market can never recoup the owner’s perceived value. Case in point, if you are in the market for an inexpensively priced UTV that is truly beyond dune worthy this might be for you.  If you want a purpose built UTV that will cost you less than most tranny rebuilds or the cost of long travel alone, this might be for you.  If you want a UTV that was adult owned, from the original family that owned it and only had one female driver, this might be for you.  This is 100% ready to be driven, needs nothing but a new owner.   I welcome any inspection of this vehicle and would be very comfortable selling to a family member or friend.  

I accept CASH, CHECKS, CASHIER CHECKS, PAYPAL, VENMO, and CREDIT CARDS OR ANY COMBO OF THESE.  It is currently registered, green stickered till June 2020. I have the pink slip and am willing to discuss the bill of sale for tax purposes. In addition I am willing to deliver within a couple hundred miles with the right deal.  The Rex is currently garaged in the city of San Dimas, very close to the 210/57/10 freeways. I’m very sorry; I have no interest in any trades of any sorts. 

If you have any questions in regards to this Kawasaki Teryx please PM me. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this advertisement.

Kawasaki Teryx

 2 seats

Original adult owned/one owner/non smoker/no pets/always garaged 

Green sticker till June 2020

Pink slip in hand

Muzzys 840 Big Bore Kit

Muzzys stage II cams

Muzzys valve spring kit and retainers

Muzzys heavy duty starter gear

Dyno Jet carb kit

ARP stud head bolt kit

ASAP mild porting (pump gas appropriate)

Muzzys Pro full SS exhaust kit

Muzzys whisper core kit

Muzzys turn down tips

Muzzys header heat tape, double wrapped

Custom exhaust data port for carb tuning

Non-California aftermarket computer

Dalton clutch cover

Dalton clutch kit (adjustable)

Funco modified secondary

Engine brake removed

Dasa billet engine brake cover

SDR over sized aluminum radiator

Trail Tech (back lighted) digital engine coolant temp gauge

TRD billet water pump impeller

Maxima cool-aid coolant

Earls 9 row perma-cooler oil cooler

Derale high output/low amp draw radiator fan

Dasa oil filter adapter

A&N fittings and SS oil lines

Low temp thermostat

Fan over ride switch

Custom CVT comp fan kit

Trail Tech digital CVT compartment temp gauge

Oil sump kit

Billet plenum intake rings

Intake box modification kit

K & N air filter

K & N pre air filter

Optima yellow top battery

Custom battery jump posts

New fuel pump

New fuel tank

New OEM drive belt

Spare OEM drive belt, brand new and pre treated

Funco motor mount reinforcement kit

SDR full custom “one off cage” with skinned roof

SDR full fixed doors with skins

Custom cage mount removable ice chest rack

Custom frame mount all aluminum ice chest heat shield

SDR rear frame/cage tie in gusset kit

Power steering kit

Joes’ racing light weight removable steering wheel

Custom over sized throttle petal

Fiber Skinz Front composite diff cover

Fiber Skinz Rear composite diff cover

Custom bed delete kit

Custom front light bar

3 HID off road lights (with rock/dust covers)

LED rear taillight

Funco radius a-arm, heim ends, heavy duty axles, SS brake line long travel kit

8 heavy duty buggy grade front heim joints

King reservoir shocks

PEP freshly rebuilt shocks (zero hours on rebuilds) 

Douglas blue label wheels (no dents, no dings, perfect condition)

STU 12 ply front buff tires (no patches, no plugs)

STU 60/40 rear paddles (no patches, no plugs) 

Stock OEM tires

Jet Trim seats

SDR lower seat bases

Billet whip flag mount

Spare heavy duty heim joint with hardware

Spare heavy duty steering end link

OEM clutch removal tool

OEM clutch holder

Custom belt removal tool kit

Zues removal tool

OEM service manual

OEM owner’s manual

Spare ignition key 

New oil and filter (only ran Rotella T6 full synthetic its entire life & factory oil filters) 

New rear diff oil 

New front diff oil (only ran Rotella T6 full synthetic)

New spark plugs

OEM take off parts-(HID headlights, extra clutch springs, engine brake, misc items, several hardly used belts, etc.)  

ASAP recent valve adjust, timing check and carb check

Full fuel tank

Measurements with sand tires are;

HEIGHT-70 1/2"


REAR WIDTH-72 1/2"

LENGTH-113"  (tip to tip) 

WEIGHT- 987lbs 



…and a partridge in a pear tree!  (no animals were harmed though)



Thanks again for looking.  Feel free to PM me with any questions.  BTW this Rex will go anywhere in Glamis with ease!



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At the talapa with the Raptor she followed around.  


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Posted (edited)

Side shot.





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added recent garage pic

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1 hour ago, nickman123 said:

Where are u located?

ah haha, I was going to tag you on this. That has your name all over it Nick

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Very nice Teryx

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That’s the most thorough and descriptive ad I’ve ever seen! GLWTS!

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My 1st ride jumping off the quad into a cage was the Teryx. I really miss it and wish I didn't sell. the V-Twin sound is awesome!!! I wish Kawi would step up their game again..


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This man takes care of his stuff....


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Great write up, all great components. I’m sure the buyer will be happy. 

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Killer ad Oldtimer

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Thought I was kidding when I stated the Funco long travel with Kings cost more than what I selling for.  


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