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2008 Desert Dynamics Roller (New/ Never Built)

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$16,999 FIRM 
08 Desert Dynamics 4/5 seat 1.5 4130 chassis (new/never fully built)

Org trailing arms, orig front DS (tube) arms, and an overly expensive, overly built, pair of narrower heavy duty DS front arms (because I was planning on heading in more of a desert direction with this build) included as well.

Reinforced bulkhead and 7/8 lower chassis heims up front (nearly twice the static load at 55,690# vs the original designed 3/4 chassis heims that came in at only 28,090# static load)
Setup for Mendi (but only tacked)
Full floor

Some of the rear bracing (engine/trans area) is only tacked in place so it can be setup for whatever engine/transaxle combo you're going to run.  So that's cool.

The following items are new:
Tatum 930 midboards w/ 4 piston calipers
CNC 654 Front brakes
(4) Beard Ultra T-1 Seats black/gray (still in the bags)
2" Spindles from Kartek (new style with teardrops)
2.0 10" Fox Coil Carriers and Silver Ebachs
2.0 10 Fox Dual Bypass
3.0 Fox Triple Bypass (One carefully mocked, the other still in the box)
2.5 14" Fox Coilovers with Rezies (these actually have approx 100 miles on them) w/ three pairs of silver Ebachs (one pair brand new).
All FK heims and then some
(2) BFG KM2 33x10.5 tires for the front
(2) BFG KM2 33x12.50 for the rear
CNC Turning brake (Single handle.  I've had this for a number of years.  Never mounted.  Perhaps "NOS" would be a better modifier)

The Following items are used
Howe P118 rack (upgradable manual rack (the 2.5 ram and mounting hardware available from Howe to make it into the power rack or, better, run it with electric assist (what I was planning)) -Lightly used and perfect.  Perfect for EPS!!
15x7 Method Beadlocks black (tires mounted) -Used but pretty much as-new and all new grade 8 beadlock bolts
CNC brake pedal (dual tall master), CNC Clutch pedal, CNC throttle,  These are the tall masters with ez fill caps.  Good condition (bought new, used them for a short period, but they've been sitting in boxes for a while now, so might need rebuild kits.  Extra reservoir(s) too).
Full set of black Crow belts/pads.  These are used and way out of date for racing, but I've always stored them inside, so they are great for rec use.
A pair of used 2" Kartek spindles -well used  (bought these as backups -they need some weld washers/teardrops to make them really reliable)
A real Formuling France steering wheel, adapter, quick disconnect.  A true classic.
Loading wheels/tires/spares:  One pair of near perfect Centerlines with barely used and highly coveted BFG Mud Terrains (33x9.50).  Was going to mount those as spares as pretty light. Always stored inside.  Also comes with a pair of beat to hell front Centerlines with beat to hell 7.00x15 tires (good for loading).
I think that's it, but I might have forgotten an item or two (CNC rez rebuild kits, or the like...can't remember everything, but all buggy stuff I have goes with it).  Pics from various times.

Located in Oregon Gorge Area.  If interested, questions, comments, etc., drop me a PM only please.  Again, the price is firm as this is a pretty big hit. Not interested in trades.  I will delete ad when sold.  Thanks.  Pics from various stages and in no particular order.


20180224_073727.jpg.66025d38bb24d2074039d5dea9f1c777 - Copy.jpg

20180224_073735.jpg.4f52894015338e169d5faa7ffbaf0d00 - Copy.jpg

20180224_074133.jpg.b6d82558f750d926a179582b9cfd3e16 - Copy.jpg

20180225_122636.jpg.6569e10e58dd1107a451b2ddc4226a42 - Copy.jpg

20180225_134504.jpg.2f8b8c279966fb35bb234a527f25c2f6 - Copy.jpg

20180403_182302-600x800.thumb.jpg.78351bd6f2e1bd42549246c02e99c8e5 - Copy.jpg

20180501_175120-600x745 - Copy.jpg

20181125_123940-800x770 - Copy.jpg

40067416255_2781746ed8_c - Copy.jpg

40474102090_88c25794f4_b - Copy.jpg

41390394444_d70c41d973_b - Copy.jpg

dd3.jpg.5f1bcf33fcae8b81afc8b20834c7d67f - Copy.jpg

DD4.jpg.1e64db3ae5e4775f40c261fc09d71c03 - Copy.jpg

DD10.jpg.20ed11613ee546934a92240b3d833d51 - Copy.jpg




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Posted (edited)

Definitely heading to So Cal the 22nd/23rd.  If buying both (see below),  then I'll bring them down there.

TPD Vortech trailer is $8k if buying the buggy.  Model CV820T with the optional Z tongue.  However, mine has the heavier axles so GVWR is 9995#, as opposed to 7500#.  The factory listed tires were the limiting factor for a GVWR of 9995#.  I have Maxxis M8008 tires on it (10 ply) and they have a combined max capacity of 11,320#, not that you'd ever need it, but nice to know it's there.  If someone down LA way wants both, and has pd in full (cleared), then I will bring and deliver (along I-5) for free.  Trailer has workbench, built-in tool chest, over head cabinets, and an alumn oil cabinet (pit Posse if I recall).  Holds my buggy and has held a Ferarri, CRV , Outback, etc.   Not too big and not too small.  Airline track, lots of rings, 5 motorcycle chocks (that fit into the airline track).  Dual batts.  These are high end composite trailers.  You can pressure wash out the inside as well as have a party on the roof (or use it as an observation platform).  As far as the buggy, it's well-chrono'd above,  No surprises. 


Ram TPD.jpg

TPD 5 Bikes.JPG




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Posted (edited)

Hey Kids.  Still happy to deliver to So. Cal (or along the way) as stated above.  However, if not sold come April, I think it might be time to part it out.  I would need to sell the chassis first.  Chassis would include the full alumn floor, F/R arms,  all needed FK heims (approx $900 worth of heims) and Kartek tie rods (for the narrower arms, but of course the wider, orig arms are included as well).  If interested in buying the chassis, please drop me a PM and perhaps we can figure something out, price-wise.  I won't sell the other parts until chassis is gone though.  Thanks!!

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Helps if I state a price for the the chassis.  $7k firm.  Again, chassis, full floor, rear 930 mid board arms, orig front (wide) DS arms, HD narrower DS arms, all new FK heims (plus extras.  Actually cost $1k plus with the extras), and the new Kartek 2" uprights/spindles.   Thanks.


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Chassis now available by itself.  Still available as a complete roller until chassis sells.  Remaining parts to be listed if/once the chassis sells.  Thanks.

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