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Gary Marot

Turbos setup

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I have a setup we pulled off my  car - Nothing wrong, just went SC instead.   Twin Turbonetics with Precision Wastegates and a Tial BOV (blow off valve).  All top of the line pieces. He has a Turbosmart boost controller as well (useful if your ECM cannot do variable boost like a MEFI or GM ). 

Ideally sized for 383-427 engines. Makes good power down low on pump gas (6-8lbs), and can turn up the boost  (up to 20Lbs) on E85 or 116 Race Gas

No headers, since you will find they are not universal and you will want a good set made for your car. Same with the intercooler and tubing, it's almost always custom to the car, why pay for parts you won't be able to use. exception is the Turnkey engine top intercooler assy - it has limited cooling but its really easy to buy and install.

Asking $1500 obo






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What the specs on the turbos, size, etc? Nothing wrong with them but how long (years) have they been on your motor? Ball bearing or journal turbos

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