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2017 Turbo Rzr 1000 (Frankie's Ride) Sold

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Hey party people - been a long time since I've seen y'all..   Frankie hit me up for a favor and list his Rzr here (hope that's still allowed)   

It was a camp queen - went out 4 trips (2 SSSS and 2 RVIA Shows) I don't have the full build but know that it has the following:


Extreme Long Travel kit (Front & Rear)

Full Desertworks Cage, Doors, Roofrack w/LED Surround Lights, RockGaurds & Bumpers

Trinity Racing Full Exhaust System

PRP Seats

BadAss™ Detachable Steering Wheel

Kicker Sound System w/Sub

ITP Wheels with Beadlocks on (never ran offroad)

Dune GPC Paddles on Mitchel Beadlocks

Proline Wrap

Buggy Whip LED

Comes with original manufacturer certificate of orgin, has never been registered.  Thanks for your time and have great one :td: 








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Sup Carlos, that roof rack is sweet!


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On 3/17/2019 at 2:40 PM, BaBaBouy said:

Sup Carlos, that roof rack is sweet!


Scotty hooked it up wicked!  How you been sir?


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