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WTB rzr aftermarket seats

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Looking for some aftermarket seats for a ghayzer.  

If your selling and want to make a quick buck, or worried your 50 grand utv is going for a lot less and want to recoup some funds,  or sold yours and want some quick cash, I'm your huckleberry. 

2014-2019 (I am told these all are the same for mounting purposes) 

I have some brand new take outs that can be worked into the deal if needed (see pic below)  


Would prefer all black, or black and grey, or black and silver, or black and blue.  Open to any brand, love JetTrim, Simpson are cool, PRP's are fine, would kill for some Deegan 38 comp utv by PRP


Have cash, will travel.  Please PM me if interested in some cold, hard, fast cash. 



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The best bang for the buck are the Threshold seats Bert's Mega Mall sells.  I ran them in my XP and had no issues.  They are comfortable. and at  $500.00 for new seats they are hard to beat. 



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These Bssand  seat are pretty nice for the money brand new never used  700  for the pair ...


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