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SOLD - Reese Weight Distribution - 1,700 lb TW, 17,000 lb GTW Setup

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This was originally purchased as the following parts:

  • Reese part #66075, Strait-Line Weight Distribution w Sway Control - Trunnion Bar - 17,000 lbs GTW, 1,700 lbs TW (link here)
  • Reese part #54972, Titan Weight Dist Shank - 1-1/4" Drop, 5-1/4" Rise - 1,700 lbs TW (link here)

I DO NOT HAVE THE PARTS THAT ATTACH TO THE TRAILER. You are only getting what you see in the pics. This would be great for somebody replacing some existing parts, or you can probably locate the parts to make it complete. It can also be used without the Dual-Cam Sway Control feature and just connected to regular weight distribution chains. The bars are rated for up to 1,700 lb tongue weight. the overall hitch and shank are both rated for 1,700 lb tongue weight and 17,000 lb overall weight.  THE SHANK REQUIRES A 2-1/2" RECEIVER. This is a big-boy setup :)









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Any chance you’ll be in Oc area?   Very interested 

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Sold, thanks. 

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