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Preseason football tickets

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Yeah, yeah, F the NFL.  If that's you, click the back button.  Bye....

I know this should be in the "for sale" section, but it won't get traffic there..

For everyone else.... Preseason is just a month a way!   I have Cardinals season tickets.  Both of our home preseason games are against California teams.  Both of our home preseason games are also on a Thursday night.  Chargers on August 8th, Raiders on August 15th.  I live too far from the stadium to try and make it to weeknight games.  Typically sell MNF too when we get one.

With that, I have two seats and a parking pass for each game.  Seats are section 410, row 6, seats 3 & 4.  This is low on the upper level, home side, south 25-30 yard line. The parking pass will get you right next to the Great Lawn if you want to tailgate!  I don't have the tix  in hand yet, so I don't know exactly what  I'll be looking to get.  Typically cheap.  Just gauging interest... 

My brother has the four adjoining  seats (5-8) and a parking pass as well.  Not sure if he's sold his yet.  He lives on Maui, so I'm pretty sure he can't make it.. LOL   So, if you're gonna head this way, you might be able to get 6 tix and 2 p-passes.

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How about $100 for both tix and parking per game?

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