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Turbo X3 or Turbo S?? best deal

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20 minutes ago, SCHMIDTY said:

I beg to differ on that. I have had both in our shop, and  IMHO The Live Fox Supspension " is definitely NOT worth the extra 4-5K you pay for it. I have yet to have an actual owner of one who said they liked it. Every one has said it is "harsh" on trails, and at anything less than flat-out race speeds, and wished they had not gotten it.  There will always be that guy who says it's awesome, because he has to, because he drank the koolaide, and would feel like a dope if he admitted the truth. 

I am talking  4 seater.  I have driven the 4 seat turbo S in the dunes and desert.   It was super nice in both areas.  Spent time in Baja and they ate up the terrain.  The combo of the wheelbase and the way that suspension worked was much nicer than any other stock SXS I have driven.

Your customers  have 2 or 4 seat Turbo S?   Or were they complaining about the ride quality for the first generation dynamic suspension?

Add the proper spring rates as the 4 seat Turbo S rides even better.  

I have a X3 and it took some shock work to get it to ride nice at all speeds.  



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2 hours ago, Sand Shark said:

Not my favorite dealership after the BS the sales manger tried to pull on me when I was there trying to buy a X3. Felt bad for the sale guy as his manger was such a d-bag and ruined an easy sale.  Actually saw the sales guy at the Sand Show last year and we talked about it.  

Your backyard project will long be done by the time Textron release a 4 seat XX, if they are still in the SXS game.   I think the 4 seat XP Pro would be the ticket in the 64” wide 4 seat model, when it is released. 


I have zero experience with Coyne, but I feel the same way about Motoworld as you do about Coyne. “F” those guys. I’d spend a few hundred more somewhere else then to give MW my business. 

As far as my backyard. Your right, it will be long done before Arctic Cat releases a XX4. And your probably right that the new Pro 4  will probably be the best available option when I’m ready for something new. I’ll give them a model year to work the recalls out! 

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