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13 minutes ago, MWB said:

Have had it happen a few times and it is not a big deal as long as I know your there. I use to like to roll over stuff a few times, specially if I found a nice jump.  Knowing there was one or two riders behind my last rider wasn't a thing as long as I knew they were there and how far back they were.

Just remember while they are looking to make sure your there, they more than likely are not looking to make sure your still there and are not likely going to come back for you if something happens, unless you are lucky enough to have one of them see you break or crash.

A few years back we had a couple of guy's jump in on our line.  They were just a ridge or two behind us and we could see them just out of the corner of our eye.  Well one of them went down and the last guy in our line saw him go down just before he crested a dune.

Had Chris not looked back that guy might not of made it.  His friend was not prepared for what happened and when we got back to them his buddy was just saying stop messing around get up.  That was not going to happen he was severely concussed.  In the hour plus we waited for the rescue buggy to arrive he did regain conciseness he never could put together two words that made sense.

FYI both times we have had to call in the rescue buggy we had GPS coordinates to give them, both times we had to guide them in.  The second time when the first team sent GPS coordinates to the second team they couldn't find us either and we had to go get them and guide them in. 

Yes, giving coordinates isn't always a sure thing. I once called in a helicopter to China Wall and they went to Olds. Never really figured out what the disconnect was.

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