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Tom Pro Design Hayabusa NA Mini Buggy Sandrail $14k

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2007 Tom Pro Design Hayabusa powered mini buggy. Chromoly chassis. 

All fresh and prepped and ready to ride, needs nothing. Just go ride.  Why get a boring rzr when you can have way more reliable fun for dirt cheap. The Tom Pro has the roomiest cage- I’m 6’3”,  great suspension, and Tom is still in business so you won’t be left out in the cold. Tom and Linda have been amazing at keeping me up and running, advice or parts fast and often times even at Glamis.

-Naturally Aspirated, stock gen 1 Hayabusa. RELIABLE. I don’t run the hill, so it’s strictly a dune smasher. Back cut gears is the only mod. Dual K&N filter setup.

-reverse box, rebuilt last season, although with NA this was the first rebuild since new.

-King shocks freshly rebuilt. Springs and valving are dialed in.

-New STU Blaster Pro #2 cut. Nipples galore, we all love fresh nipples on our tires. 

-In car and car to car radio w 2 headsets and 2 push to talk buttons

-fresh battery

-7 gal tank, use 91octane, fresh fuel filter

-Cool running radiator. Even when it’s 95 out the fan barely comes on. Have to mention this as the King car in our group was really unhappy when it got hot. 

-5pt harnesses, wrist straps

-wing trunk, tool box, and cooler. Plenty of storage space

- fresh oil and filter

-fresh gear oil

-fresh chain, sprocket, countershaft sprocket

-fresh heims

-LED light bar18000 lumens, lighted whip

-GKN 930CVs perfect with no pitting, cracking, or wear. NA just doesn’t wear this car out. Fresh boots.

-fire extinguisher, nothing special but it’s a decent size.

I spent lots of time just making sure anything and everything works perfect and it drives great with no issues. 

+another $500 worth of spare parts. 1 brand new micro stub installed, 1 waiting for action. Chain tensioner roller, extra Carbon fiber muffler if that’s your jam. Plus a few other things.

This car has been great to me, it hooked my heart on the sand. I hate to sell but have a growing family and need to take a 4 seater further down the rabbit hole.

In San Diego



858 775 6005







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$ change

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Saw this on DDR For Sale....Fun looking car.

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Thanks Crusty! Every single time I drive this without fail I've got a huge smile, it won't disappoint.

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I just sold mine, these cars are a blast to drive!

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Thanks JD101g!

let’s make this more interesting 

lowered price 14k! 

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Just curious..........

How much does it weigh? 

 “Back cut gears”  do you  mean straight-cut gears vrs helical cut gears ?

injected ?

Realistic cruising speed in high gear?

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Guessing 1100 lbs. it’s nice because 1 grown man or any couple of people can drag the front end downhill if you get stuck.

i think the technical term is actually back cut dogs, which aids in the positive gear engagement I.e. it helps itself into gear, no half gear missed shifts making that nasty grinding. 



Transmission Undercutting

Undercutting a transmission involves machining angles on the engagement dogs and slots to prevent the transmission from jumping out of gear under load.

yes fuel injected, starts first time every time, runs outstandingly.

i got it up to 84 or so in the flats off gecko max speed that’s 6th, but 6th is useless. If you are talking about sand highway to Gordon’s, then it’d sit in the powerband in the top of fifth at around 70 to 75. It’s pretty scary like that though. On top of the cam in 4th doing 65 or so it’s really snappy and just wants to accelerate 

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These cars are awesome. Really for half the cost of a sxs and 10 times the fun if your just looking to dune mostly. Throw a turbo on it and it’s a game changer

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