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Figured I would put up a for sale post here. Most of us on the board know what this is but here we go.

Genuine A+ Frame, swing arm, triple clamp stem, grab bar, + a cool mini cooler rack & cooler,

I have it listed for 1900 obo or what the heck a few hundred off to anyone who would appreciate it 🙂

Was planning on building it but now going a 2 wheel direction with my little ones. I sold the other two and this is what I have left. 

Also open to trades:

For the kids: something newer 125 ish. (two wheels)

For the wife: yfz 450 or Raptor newer and I will pay up. Or a newer blaster (maybe) fair trade. 

For me: I still like a full size three wheeler so a 250r would be nice and I can pay up. I would love a TriZ.IMG-1684.thumb.JPG.38062fc518fbb267f08762be3429bc5b.JPGcooler.thumb.jpg.f1a3c07f5d7e75cf972f6e2c20619bd8.jpgIMG-1686.thumb.JPG.2f1c0211c70e93c9e6a22fe859a0aa97.JPG

Let me know if you have any questions or want to come by and take a look. 

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TTT- SSSS this weekend if anyone wants an easy pick up from out of area. 

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