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2007 Pace American Stacker

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2007 Pace American Stacker


Full disclosure: this trailer was struck by a low lying tree branch in my neighborhood on the upper passenger side corner. You can see it in one of the pictures. It was fixed by Giant RV in Colton. No structural damage, all cosmetic, just took forever to fix due to parts availability. The branch missed my full height class A Motorhome and hit my stacker. Just want to save you the trouble if that is a deal breaker. 


Having said that this is a very desirable stacker. 


1 - It was originally built for two Gen 4 Funco’s which I have used it that way. I have also had one Gen 4 Funco, a new Can Am Maverick on the lift, a Honda 70 and a Yamaha 700 Raptor (in the mezzanine) in it. 

2 - This trailer is also desirable because it is 97” wide (inside door opening) you see a lot of stackers that show a rear door width of 96” or whatever but the lift sticks in another inch or two. This lift is flush with the inside wall. 

3 - Totally legal for those folks driving a 40’ Motorhome this trailer is 24’ - 3” from outside back of trailer to the tip of tongue, when I mate it to my 41’ (from front of Motorhome to ball on hitch) I am exactly 65’!

4 - Fully self contained three panel solar system, 4 AGM 6 volt Lifeline military marine spec. batteries, with Magnum 2000 watt inverter and Morningstar solar charge controller. This makes your trailer into a portable power plant. Power outage in the neighborhood? Just flip on the inverter and plug your fridge and lights in for hours while your neighbors sit in the dark. No generator needed! I have not run the batteries all the way dead even putting a pretty good load for many hours. The batteries are rated to draw 15 amps for 8 hours each (GFL-4CT). When the 50 amp shore plug is used it will also charge the batteries if necessary. You will never walk out to your trailer and the batteries are dead, I leave it unplugged with inverter off and it is always tip top. You can even run the inverter and use the power to run your battery minders without being plugged in. Nice for storage where you have no power. Wake up and the Motorhome batteries are dead again? Just plug into your trailer and  pull power from it.




Inside back door opening = 97” 

Distance between wheel wells = 81”

Inside distance from floor to inside ceiling = 11’

Total exterior length - back door to tip of tongue = 24’ - 3”

Total outside length of box = 20’

Total inside length from inside back of door to bench = 17’ - 9”

Driver side door = 4’ - 6” x 4’ - 6”

Wheel well to back inside door = 59”

Length of lift = 13’ with a 2’ - 4” extension on front

Width of lift - 78”


40 gallon fuel station.

50 Gallon fresh water

Full width push button hydraulic lift

4 - 6 volt Lifeline AGM Marine military spec. sealed batteries GPL - 4CT (no maint.)

2000 watt Magnum inverter

Morningstar solar controller

3 - 170 watt solar panels

50 Amp shore plug

110 lights and plugs

12 volt lights

Quiet Air compressor and reel (and yes it runs off the inverter)

New power tongue lift

Mezzanine is large enough to hold quad plus gear

Front upper and lower cabinets with work bench

Full size spare in mezzanine 

Built in craftsman tool box 

Storage in wall mounted trays for fluids

Whip racks and ratchet strap racks

Access door on driver side (you don’t appreciate how nice this is until you have it)

The last picture shows the damage prior to being repaired. 

$25,000 no trades please. Paul 909-217-4780













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