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It's Saturday 9/14/19 what are you doing this weekend?

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6 hours ago, JDMeister said:

I spent all day Saturday driving.

We left Hollywierd at 8 am, down the 5 to Sandy Eggo, (4150 Mission Blvd) and the wife started shopping for her craft goodies.

Turned North, stopped by Solana Beach, then Carlsbad, and lunch was in Carlsbad at O'sullivans Irish Pub.

Food was Okay, beer was better.

Next, next we hit Bonsall, and then Laguna Niquel.

That's a lot of craft shopping.

Managed to return home by 5 pm.. Tired and hungry..




I'm adding some craft pictures from our day out.

The theme was cartoons..

We had a good time..











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Friday super show 

Sunday Disneyland 

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Enjoyed the day at the SS 😎

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