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If you where having a new LS built who would you want to build it

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I'm a CBM / Outfront guy depending on the motor (V8 / Subi). That being said I did have a car that I spoke to Jason about at length. Jason was helpful and patient with me during a couple of long phone calls. Bruce at CBM had a great deal on an exchange motor that had just become available so I ended up going with CBM. I have since recommended Jason to a couple of guys that lived close to his shop as well as suggesting they contact CBM. Our sport is fortunate to have quality people / companies competing for our business, hard to go wrong with any of the folks that have been mentioned in this thread.

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9 hours ago, 1newbie said:

I have no dog in this fight other than I can't wait to have Alper build me a 440 motor.  Interesting that the guys building high dollar new cars with 2000hp seem to be running Redline.  That was not the case 5 years ago.

Redline has always built big HP motors, their just building more now and advertising it......like on IG.

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I have had 3 CBM rail motors (4 if you include the recent rebuild on my Camaro 540 Dart motor).  Was involved in the build of 2 of the 3 rail motors. One was exactly what you had and only difference in second was I upgraded to a 4.5 blower and some internals to handle it. I now have a Redline motor in my rail. The choice was mostly because I bought one of Pont’s that was newly rebuilt by them. 

Bruce at CBM is absolutely stealer to deal with!  Feels just like you’re talking to one of your buddies every time you chat with him. His customer service is above and beyond. Heck on my last trip I called him to ask about a tranny shifter issue I was having  (take note that in this rail neither the trans nor the motor was from him). Even though it was late he answered the phone and gave me all kinds of helpful insight. A big part of the reason I am so deeply addicted to this sport is guys like him!!

This takes nothing away from my experience with Redline. Their programmer/tuner Chan is one of the best!  He has been extremely patient helping me work through a hesitation in the motor. 

Nobody is gonna be inexpensive compared to another but for me being 1000 miles away from build communication is key!  Need someone who will pickup the phone or at least get back to me in a decent amount of time. When I say this I’m talking before and after the sale. 

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