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RZR XP41000 Fully Built for Jeep or Boat

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Looking to trade a fully built 17’ RzR XP41000 for a Jeep and or 29’ or larger boat for the lake.

RZR has everything done to it. Has the best/safest cage money can buy. All chromoly tig welded front to back. 

Long travel Tig welded boxed arms 

KING IBPs front and rear

S&B particle separator 

full undercarriage skid plate 

AK stainless Exhaust and outback storage 

rigid lights 

rock lights 

biggest radiator you can buy 

PRP heated seats 

Bluetooth stereo 

street legal kit (blinkers, horn, etc)

suede steering wheel with quick release

park brake

fancy dash bezel

2 sets of wheels tires. One set is a $3000 set of wheels and light weight  paddles. Other set is raceline bead locks on 32s

Brand new primary clutch and belt 

new brake pads 

quick release belt cover

3 extra brand new belts 

another trinity stage 5 exhaust 

AK rock outs 

all hardware upgraded on every part of the car 

Brand new $600 cover for it as well just has custom made to fit.

This is a fully built RzR made to handle everything you throw at it. Maintained meticulously with all fluids and whatever it needs by Black Rhino in El Cajon.












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