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1998 KTM 380 EXC Sand Dunes 2 Stroke Big Bore $1800

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I am the second owner of this big bore machine. I have owned it for 14 years. It has mainly been my dune bike and that is were it shines the most. It started out as an EXC so it has the desirable wide ratio gear box and the large 3.2 gallon gas tank. All of the lights and any other enduro parts have been removed and I don't have them anymore.

The engine has never been apart. If your familiar with these engines they last forever if you maintain them. This bike has the oil and air filter changed every ride.

New parts that only have one ride on them are FMF Gold Fatty pipe and matching PowerCore 2 silencer, SDG complete seat, and FLO footpegs.

It has a custom flag mount, the carburetor has been jetted with a JD jet kit, has newer Renthal grips, Tusk billet fuel cap/vent, and alot of the plastic has been shaved. The bike runs perfect and is an absolute rocket due to being the size of a 250, but with Big Bore power!

I have never been beat up Olds hill at Glamis dunes on this bike the whole time I have owned it.....and I have raced KX500s, CR500s, and even big bore, big buck 4 stroke 450s. It will also embarrass stockish 450s no matter what brand or year. Its a riot.

Scotts steering stabilizer DOES NOT come with the bike. Possible negotiation in addition to bike otherwise I will transfer to new bike. Comes with paddle tire only.

Brand new oil and air filter installed today. She is ready to rip!




Better to call or text message than reply.  Thanks!











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Nice bike! Back in 95 I had two ktm 440's. one was box stock, the other was trick to the hilt. Bored, stroked, ported, polished, every aftermarket go fast goodie you could bolt on etc. even had a cali plate and turn signals etc.

 I remember I was at glamis one year right after the aluminum frame honda's came out. Dude was running the hill and wanted to race lol.

10 scoop paddle should've been his first clue lol. Bike was putting 68 HP to the rear wheel. Monster power for sure!

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I've ridden a 380 EXC in the sand and @Morgy is damn right, these things are a new level of fast. Torque for days and a killer powerband GLWS

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