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Helmets, riding gear, lights, CHEAP

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I have 2 helmets. One a Thor Carbon Force the other is a KBC, came from Kawasaki.  The KBC is basically brand new, the Thor was my son's and worn on a dozen weekends or so. Both are size Large. Both are DOT and Snell approved.

Bottle of Centenario Anejo for either one and you can pick a pair of goggles and gloves to with it. 

Also have a Thor chest protector. Shoulder guards removed. Size Large or medium, not sure. Free with 6 pack or helmet purchase.

# Lazer Star Lights. 2 are copies, one is real deal. All have LED bulbs. I used one for a porch light on my enclosed. Works great in that capacitiy. You'd want to get a different bulb to run them as intended. I may have the halogens somewhere out there and will look for them (realized that as I was typing). All three for a bottle of Centenario reposado or 24 pack of Mich Ultras

Also have 2 15" offroad tires (I think 31x10.5??) with some tread left. They are listed here somewhere on the site under FREE

Pick Up in Upland!

Edit to say that if you are buying the helmets to resell do not apply. I'd like to see that stuff going to somebody new to the sport.



lazer star lights.jpg

chest protector.jpg

tire used.jpg

tire usd.jpg

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