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Back in the saddle again...

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Well, it's been a bit of a wait and a journey, but I'm back in a toy again.

Little history...started with dirt bikes way back when then sold all of them in 2008 and saved money and bought a house in 2010.

2014, with age comes a cage so I bought a L/T Rhino 700 off a buddy and drove that all over and had a blast but that 27 HP was not quite cutting it.

Then 2019 happened and I sold it cause I took a hit with work and lost 40% of my income. Trailer and truck we're going to be next on the chopping block had it continued.

Well, thankfully the company and people I work for/with are KICK-ASS and we weathered that storm...got back to full pay 5 months later.

I told my wife I'm tired of having a truck payment, that I had just bought brand-new in 2018. I told her I wanted to pay it off ASAP...but after, I wanted to get new toy.

She said you can get whatever you want if you pay off your truck...........(Alumi-Craft... :bag: ) LOL...j/k

Paid that off in Nov 2021, but knew it was going to be paid off so in October 2021, I put a deposit down for me and my buddy Dave for (2) 2022 Can Am X3 XRS Turbo RR 2 seaters, His in Black and Mine in Intense Blue.

Well, 9 months later here it is. I also bought a front bulkead/shocktower/front bumper kit and had the dealer (Moto United) Install it before I even take deliver.

So, Yesterday was to be the day, 7/28/22...I show up with my trailer and do paper work...and then start looking at stuff.

They are now a Dealer for DRT and I really like their rear bumper/tire carrier.

I said you make me a deal on this and I'll buy that right now..

They said heck yeah, we'll install for free right now.

Well 2 hours later and it didn't fit. they wanted to get DRT out there to see what's up as they did not want to EFF up my car.

So, I drive home with an empty trailer... :bigcry: 

DRT shows up this morning to figure it out and they tried 3 different sets and all we're wrong.

This is not a slam on DRT...the jig was not set up right apparently.

They took all of them back and are redoing them all and making a new jig.

When the new ones are in, I'll just have to drop it off, but asked if DRT can just show up and install it on my car. Moto United said probably or they will come get my car for me, whatever is most convenient for me.

So, I went and picked it up this morning and let me tell you, this thing is AWESOME!

But too bad it's 100 degrees...OH well.









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Congrats man! Not a SxS owner myself, but my son has a turbo YXZ. I borrowed a buddies 4 seat CanAm set up for the hard pack and took it to Nevada last year. I was super impressed with how it rode in the rough stuff. I also drove a 2 seat RZR that same trip on the same trails and it didn't compare at all. The suspension has come a long way on SxS's.

Now you need a pusher...

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How much for the chair?


Asking for a friend! :lol: 


Congrats on the rig! Have fun!

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Congrats Dale!!!!!  Big Time!!! you should feel great!!!  Well done!


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Congrats dude, rad ride fo sho.

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Well, Moto United cam and picked it up this morning and took to DRT Motorsports in Riverside.

DRT installed the Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier!

I think it came out sweet!

I just removed the top screen in the back so the exhaust isn't blocked!









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Get yourself some lower doors on Amazon. They are cheap and well worth it. Probably going to want an air pumper set up. I went with Rugged but PCI is good too. The aftermarket list is endless but I would just get out and enjoy the hell out of it before going too crazy. 


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Congrats Dale!

Glad to hear your back in the saddle. 

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Congrats great. Looking ride

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Cheryl and I and some of my friends went to Silverwood Lake Sunday for the Maiden Voyage!

Holy Moly this thing is awesome.

Still just breaking it in, so not going great guns!

Some pics of the day! My buddy Dave bought the Black one.

My wife loved it...she's good for Day trips which is totally cool with me! I could hear her going WOOHOO over some things we got a little air off and also these high banked corners just railing the turns she was digging it!

I did scare her a couple times when we had to do a some slow rock crawls over some big stuff....got the front left tire up about 3' in the air which means her side was angled down!












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