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Eddies Kicken Chicken


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One of the guys I raced with would make this & bring it to the track.  he put it into a large ziplock bag & we would keep it in the cooler until we were ready to grill it up.  its mostly cooked in the microwave, so we were just kind of re-heating it when we got to the track.  We have made a double batch & frozen 1/2 of it & it came out AWESOME when grilled.


Eddies Kickin’ Chicken


For 5 - 7 boneless skinless chicken breasts

 In large microwavable bowl with lid add. The one at the track was 14 cup's.

1 lg bottle Wishbone Italian dressing.

8 - 10 fl. oz. Franks red hot original cayenne pepper sauce.

1- 1 1/2  oz. Betty Crocker BAC-Os bit's.

2 TBS garlic salt*

2 TBS Lawry seasoned salt.

1/2 cube butter.

5 - 7 chicken breasts.


Make sure the chicken is completely covered, if needed add a little more dressing.

 Microwave on high for 15 minutes, stopping once to stir. Let cool, put on the lid and stick in the fridge until ready to BBQ. I usually make this a day or two before BBQing, the longer it sit's the spicier it get's.

 BBQ at around 350 - 375 degrees of indirect heat for 20 - 30 minutes turning and dipping often.


* I use garlic POWDER because the recipe has a large quantity of sodium

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