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Jeep Rubicon

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Looking for a 2012 or later Rubicon, 4 door to tow behind the moho and do a some trails.

Where's the unicorn with a small lift and 35's that's never been out of the mall parking lot? 

Want the 3.6l motor

Want a Rubicon cause I'm not going to swap running gear and the Rubi is enough for me with E lockers and SB disconnect. 

Budget is $25k - stop laughing!!!! I said Unicorn! 

Let me know if ya have or see something. If it's the right one I can go a little higher 


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17 minutes ago, RK Racing said:

Are You looking for something like this?5960E9B4-B224-406F-9F8F-99B15B72947D.png   

That will cost you a lot more than $25K, that will cost you half plus.

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That may not be what Matt is looking for, but I'm sure he'd like a test drive!!  LOL😜

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10 hours ago, aceisback said:

So no interest at all on a 2011 Sahara Unlimited?


Thank you but no, I'm really looking for a 2012 or later

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