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New to me water pumper! Questions… PICTURE HEAVY


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I’ve always wanted a water pumper and couldn’t pass this one up! It’s got a 90” wheel base! I’m a VW/Subaru guy, so can any old school duners tell me what I’ve got…

engine plate (Chevy/Ford?)

Rear End? (welded to the frame!) 

Steering box (spins smoooth!) 

I added some extra pics, any other tips/pointers are welcome! 
Power plant wise I’m thinking a 327 Chevy or maybe an old school aluminum block 215 Oldsmobile? 
Also, this babies getting a 12 foot Buggy Whip and big American Flag! 
Oh, and I figure it’s gonna be a wheelie machine with the short WB. I was hoping to be able to drag out busted up SXSs and sand cars with it since it’ll end up with a big V8 and stagger cut STU 16.50s. Think it’ll work or will it just wheelie and dig a hole as soon as I hook up a Matt’s Recovery Rope and smash the loud pedal? Maybe I should fab a wheelie bar? 


PS- I’ve had that book (see pic below) since I was a child, as a young lad I used to study the pages and dream about owning one. I’m soooo stoked on this car! 


















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The alum engine mount is the front plate. You'd have to measure the spread to tell if it's BBC, SBC, Ford or Dodge. Looks like a typical boat style mount.

Probably had a power glide trans and either a really short drive line or direct drive to axle all solid mounted

Rear axle looks like a Dana 44

The WATTS link in front is sweet

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Very cool. Good luck with your build. 
If I sell my SU mid engine and keep my enclosed I might be looking for one like yours. 

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